Friday, September 25, 2009

Homemade Mango Chutney On Toast

Finally I had the chance to taste what it's  like to spread mango chutney on toasted bread and it is  sure heaven on earth. I remembered Angie of Angie's Recipes , commented on my homemade chutney post that she would like to have a chunk of this mango  chutney on her slice of bread. And I have been wanting  to try it out  but it has slipped my mind till tonite . And truly it was good. I made this mango chutney a month or two ago and it still tasted just as good as I had made it the first it proved that mango chutney can keep for a few months in the refrigerator if it is well cooked. The sugar acts as a preservative! I had quite a heavy lunch today so I thought I will have a light chutney on toast :) yummilicious and it tasted better than having mango jam!

my homemade mango chutney...real good on toast :)

look at those small chunks of mango....yummy, it still tasted good despite
in the fridge for a few months  mango jam

remember, mango chutney can be used as a spread for toast bread :))

 I had to leave the balance of the toast for
a final shot ....:p

If you like to make your own mango chutney



  1. my did it taste, my fren? may i have some on monday? toast it and let us try.. please??? hahhaaa... u r really creative, elin...

  2. Hi Reana
    Okie no problem. It's nice and yummi *wink **if you like chutney :))

  3. I would like to taste this too, looks tempting :)

  4. Haven't tried mango chutney before. Sounds and looks really yummy on toast! I want some too!

  5. This is something light that I would love to have sometimes. :)

  6. Elin, your mango chutney on toast are a heavenly breakfast treat!

    Angie's Recipes

  7. Hi

    Next time I'll know how to make use of this chutney, as a spread. I've a friend who will give me this whenever it's mango season, because she's got a huge mango tree in her garden.

  8. oh, i've never tried mango chutney before. it must be wonderful. i'd like to have this mango chutney with a thick slice of ham ^^

  9. I once followed a quick-pickling recipe that claimed the pickles would go bad in a week. I was like, come on, a week? Really?? They're smothered in vinegar! Some people are really timid about anything that doesn't have a seal on it. Good for you, keeping your chutney around until it actually physically goes bad. Looks yummy on the toast!

  10. @ Anncoo : Yup, it is! :)

    @ Food For Tots : Haha, do try it out if you have the opportunity, you may like it :)

    @ Little Inbox: It is aromatic and served well as a spread for toasted bread slices...yummy!

    @ Kenny T: Hi Kenny, good to c you here again. Miss you and your comments :)))

    @ Angie's Recipes : Hi Angie, thanks for the idea and it is really wonderful as a spread on bread!

    @ No Frills Recipes : are so lucky....all ready made for you :)))

    @ Short & Bald : Hi S & B, you may like it coz it is aromatic with the mustard seeds...great combo with a slice of ham. Thanks for the idea :)

    @ The Chickenless Chick : Yup, it is almost 2 mths old haha but it is still in good long as it is well cooked, it can keep :)))

    @ Cookin' Canuck : Hi CC, it is good as a spread for bread :)


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