Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back Bacon Sandwiches In French Toast Style

This was what we had for our brunch. I have to think of what to eat for brunch which will normally turn out to be a simple meal. Haha….it was good, full of nourishment and best , with simple task involved :) Back Bacon Sandwiches In French Toast Style ! Easy does it and the cheese just oozes out… so cheesiliciously good! Back bacon has little fat and the cheese slices ,I bought the reduced fat proceesed ones :p Fried with olive oil so we indulged in these richness once in a blue moon. Everything in moderation is the best health quote I can give here….hey , just to make myself not feel guilty in this sinful indulgence okay :p

This is good for growing young adults and it tasted so good that these old growing adults want to have it more often too! No way Daddy, I control the frying pan LOL!

Sandwiched the bread with a slice of back bacon
and a slice of cheese , cut diagonally into triangles,
soaked in beaten eggs mixture and lightly fry them
in olive oil in a non-stick grill pan.......

turn over the other side when the it is lightly browned
on one side. Take out when both sides are golden brown
drained them on paper towels before serving

gosh... look how the melted cheese oozes out,
looks good doesn't it...and of course every mouthful
is so cheesilicious yummy! :p

good brunch for us on a lazy Sunday

Back Bacon Sandwiches In French Toast Style
Serve 2

4 slices of bread
4 slices of back bacon ( less fat)
2 slices of cheddar cheese (reduced fat processed ones)

Beat together
2 eggs
1 tsp of castor sugar
1 tsp of corn flour

2 tbsp of olive oil


Cut the bread slices diagonally into triangles and sandwiched them with slices for back bacon and cheese. Beat together eggs, sugar and corn flour in a big shallow bowl. Dip the sandwiches into the egg mixture till both sides are coated with the mixture. Heat olive oil in a non stick grill pan under medium low heat and lightly fry the sandwiches till golden brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels and serve hot.




    This looks just delish !

    *waits for FedEx guy to come with my share =P

  2. A delicious Sunday breakfast with a pot of hot Oolong tea....:-)
    Angie's Recipes

  3. What a coincidence Elin. I was just thinking of serving bacon with french toast to my kids when I saw this post! I'll make bacon&cheese french toast sandwich instead. :)

    Thanks for the idea!


  4. Oh my! It looks so delish! Oozing cheese is definitely yummy!

  5. this IS comfort food at its best!
    and healthy version some more? :)
    heheheh .... i dun mind if you give me those sinfully fat bacons either.

  6. OMG! The melted cheese look very yummy!!!

  7. this sandwich looks really really tasty, oh, and seriously sinful too. eggs, bacon, cheese really do make a wonderful combination

  8. Oh, yum! I would be so happy to have these in front of me for brunch.

  9. the melting cheese.. makes it look so tempting! this has got to be delicious! =D

  10. Ooh, these look so devilishly delicious.

  11. Oh, this is simply delicious! Drooling over the oozing cheese, yummy!

  12. @ Joanna : Oh boy, it must have got lost in the mail then...:p

    @ Angie's Recipes: yup a cup of oolong tea or green tea would be nice :)

    @ GFAD : You are welcome...your kids will love this

    @ Sam : Haha Sam...the oozing cheese makes it delicious!

    @J2Kfm : haha yup it is comfort food at its best:) I don't mind the fat bacons too ...taste better infact but bad for my arteries :p

    @ Evelyn: LOL...everyone goes for the oozing cheese!

    @Cindy Khor : Hi Cindy...this is yummy no doubt , great combo..I agree :)

    @ Cookin' Canuck : Hi CC , yup it is indeed good for brunch...light and easy and tasty too :)

    @ tracie Moo : Haha Tracie, it is... and it is full ofnourishment and good for young gal like you...* wink

    @ Tasty Eats At Home : :) they sure look devilishly delicious! Thanks for dropping by

    @ Little Inbox: :))) Don't juz drool, make them and then you will know how delicious it taste, you will crave for more :p

  13. this looks so good~! bald and i have decided to have this tomorrow for our labor day brunch ^^

  14. I had back bacon for breakfast and now I read your back bacon sandwiches. ;)

  15. I'm drooling over the keyboard, so hungry.

  16. is something I love to make and eat, all time favourite!

  17. @Short & Bald : Hope you like it :)

    @ Soo Sean : How nice! Try eating it this way the next round :)

    @ Angelia McGowan: Hi Angelia, thanks for dropping by and I hope by slurping it off the screen you will feel satiated now :p

    @ BBO : Mine too...juz that I need to watch out...waist growing wider sideways! :p

  18. yummmmmm! I'm going to have to whip these up this weekend!

  19. Hi Jessie,

    Enjoy making them this weekend...i am sure you will love it :)


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