Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baked Mooncakes

As we have been eating mooncakes for dessert the last few nites, I did not do much baking :)Hope to be able to bake some pies and quiches this weekend for the Piggies :p

I saw some of these cute baked mooncake pastry biscuits in animal shape being sold at the shop and I could not resist them and bought some for my Piggies knowing they will surely squeal in delight upon seeing them. I used to buy these for them when they were much younger but I stopped buying them after they turned into their teens. When they thought those animal shaped mooncake biscuits are for kids only and they thought they were no longer kids then :))

There are two types, one without lotus paste and the other has plain lotus paste, red bean paste and pandan flavored lotus paste. I bought a few of each type seeing they were so cute especially the two chubby piggies ! They reminded me of my two Piggies LOL!

Those at the bottom are the traditional baked mooncakes with lotus paste and melon seeds and assorted nuts with ham and fruit peels. I love the assorted nuts one...once I started eating , I can't stop coz they are so addictive :))

assorted nuts with ham and fruit peels are
made by my friend, selling for RM10 each

these are also the assorted nuts but without ham
as you noticed the nuts are whole so
making them more chewy and you get
to taste the nuts...yummm yummy
RM 12.50

this is the normal lotus paste with duck egg yolk and melon
seeds.....also made by my friend selling for RM8.80 each

this is with plain lotus paste and melon seeds
in the shape of a gold fish....can't remember the price :))

And these pair of cute chubby piggies with plain lotus paste
truly brought back memories of
our childhood......mmmmm many years back

* that's all I bought for the coming mooncake festival and have already
started eating them everyday for dessert...hopefully
there are some left for the festival then.... :p
and I won't be sharing on mooncakes anymore :p
till next mooncake festival , 2010


  1. Oh...the moulds are so cute. Where did you get these moulds.

  2. i am still admiring your blog.. so neat and classy.. and of course the food!!!! so out of the world.. how i wish i were yr neighbour.. hahaha..

  3. the little piggies mooncakes look soooooooooooo cute! I love mooncakes. I heard there's bak kwah mooncakes also.

  4. i didnt realised until recently that mooncakes can actually be homemade!
    hv met a couple foodies who make homemade mooncakes. u guys rock!!!!

  5. Elin, This is great! I've never heard of mooncakes before, but they look yummy!

  6. Reanaclaire, you couldn't be more right. I was just thinking how "neat and classy" this blog is... always such exquisite and nicely-ordered pictures! I don't even know what lotus paste tastes like, and here I'm convinced I'm eating it as I read!

  7. cute desserts and great photos! I always enjoy your photos whenever I come by to read your blog

  8. Hi Little Inbox, Anncoo, Reanaclaire, Mary Moh, The Saints, lululu , Diana Bauman, The chickenless chick, Jessie :)))

    Thanks for dropping by to drool at the mooncakes. I bought them from friends and I didn't make any this year. A big thank you to Reanaclaire and MaryMoh for your kind words. I hope to continue to post up all my bakes and dishes I cook often and share the recipes with you guys. You guys rock!

    Cheers and have a nice day to all of you,

  9. please tell your friend they look wonderful. that koala looks so cute ^^

  10. Love the mold, do you know if there is a place that sells them?


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