Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fluffy Deep Fried US Potato Bread

I came across this recipe which I thought will complement my chicken curry . Fluffy Deep Fried US Potato Bread ! And was I glad that I tried it out? Yup….it was good and everyone loves it . Knowing me…I will not leave it alone till I had tried it out and what more since I have some leftovers of the chicken curry in the fridge!

I know my Piggies will surely love these Potato Bread. Atta flour and mashed russet potatoes …lightly kneaded into a soft dough and rolled out into round discs, deep fried it in hot oil and tada….pieces of fluffy US potato bread ready to eat with the chicken curry! It was delicious and my kids love it to bits. The ooohs and ahhhhs from the family food critics….was proof enough! The Atta flour/potato bread does give out a nice fragrant after the deep frying. Dip the deep fried potato bread in hot spicy chicken curry….Mmmmmm the best brunch we had so far :)) This is something like the ' Puri bread " but it tasted much much better :)

You have to try it out yourselves to know what I meant by - it tasted much better than the Puri bread ! My opinion that is :p Homecooked food are somehow much better in my opinion…but of course you don’t have to take in what I wrote here….haha just that I am in the mood to crap a little bit. Ohhh.. I am beginning to mizz my Piggies…they have gone back to college today and I am feeling a little blue now. I only get to see them 3 weeks from now……. :(

Atta Flour + mashed russet potatoes= a flat round disc of dough

dust on each piece with lotz of flour when you stack them
together ,otherwise they will stick together .....
but you have to dust off the extra flour before putting them
into the wok of hot oil

pieces of fluffy delectable golden discs...mmm
the aroma was good for the hungry soul.....:p

but the puff deflated by the time I sat down to eat :))
just the same the taste was fantastic

vegetable oil is used for frying the potato bread

Fluffy Deep Fried US Potato Bread


200g USA Russet or purple potatoes ,peeled and cut into wedges
195g wholemeal flour, or atta flour
¾ tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
1 Tbsp corn oil
100ml lukewarm water, or enough to form dough
extra flour for dusting

oil for deep frying

Click here for the star online cooking demo by Amy Beh

for the preparation of the above potato bread




  1. T.T

    I miss home so so so very much. More so after reading this . Time please pass fast. Cool pics tho

  2. Hi Piggy gal, Momsie mizz you too...* muax, muax :p Time will zip fast...in a wink you will be back again for the long break. Think of all the good food you will be having then....yum yummy!

    *hugs and kisses,

  3. seeing those combination of ingredients, I can tell you I just love it, an awesome delicious potato flatbread, some more with chicken curry, I am toatlly drooling!

  4. What time is dinner? I will be there.

  5. Hi Elin

    Those puffed up Potatoe Bread sure looks inviting..... especially, dunk it in curry chicken, yum, yum.
    Thumbs up!

  6. That chicken curry looks amazing!!!

  7. Elin I never know this potato puri is so simple to make. I bet it taste great with your wonderful curry :)

  8. Looks great! Kind of reminds me of Chinese pancake.

  9. Elin,
    This looks absolutely awesome. I am going to try this!!!

    By the way, I have an award for you on your site....

  10. @ BBO : It is a delight esp for a sunday brunch :)

    @ Angie's Recipe : Angie, this potato bread is yummy...can be eaten alone too. Taste great!

    @ Maybelle's Mom : Anytime, just drop in..:)

    @ Pearl : I mizz you Pearl :))

    @ Cheah : Hi, thanks for your kind words..yup it goes well with the curry I cooked :)

    @ Maya : Thanks :)

    @ 1Cook4Fun : Gert, it is very easy to make and the taste is great. Can be eaten alone too:)

    @ Natalie : :) it tasted better becoz it uses Atta Flour. Very fragrance!

    @ Miranda : Yup this potato bread is great. Thanks for the award :) I love your blog too.

  11. at first glance I thought your deep fried potato bread look like roti puri which I bought in frozen form from Indian grocery store..but your post title throw me off until I read your post!! lol! thanks for the sharing the recipe..must try one day to make myself..

  12. Serve it with you home cooked curry? So nice ler...

  13. Wholemeal flour.. Healthy indeed! What's atta flour and where to get them? Is atta flour the ones to make chapati?

  14. eh how true. really like poori lah!

  15. @ My Asian Kitchen : It tastes like puri but much better. Easy to make...I would recomend Atta Flour...it gives a nice fragrance:)

    @ Little Inbox: Yesss...served with leftovers of the chicken curry I cooked :) delish!

    @ tracie Moo : Yup, it is used for making chapati, roti naan and most Indian bread...a very healthy flour :) you can get it from the Indian shop
    Atta is obtained from grinding complete wheat grains. It is creamy brown in colour and relatively coarse compared to other types of flour. Since nothing is removed from atta, all the constituents of the wheat grain are preserved.

    Traditionally, atta is made by stone grinding, a process that imparts a characteristic aroma and taste to the bread. High bran content of atta makes it a fiber-rich food. The temperatures attained in a "chakki" (stone grinder), produced by friction, are of the order of 110-125 deg C. At such high temperatures, the carotenes present in the bran tend to exude the characteristic roasty smell, and contribute to the sweetness of the atta.

    @J2Kfm : Haha, yup it looks like poori but the taste is very much better becoz it has mash potato in it :))

  16. Love the sound of this. Sounds perfect with the curry!


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