Monday, September 14, 2009

Assam Rayfish Curry

I discovered that there is this stall from the wet market in Kg Simee, a neighbouring housing estate to where I lived, that sells all kinds of curry name it they have it. For instance if you want to cook chicken dry curry style, pork ribs curry, chicken curry or assam curry they will have the paste weighed out ready for per cooking. Everything is in the curry paste…lemongrass, curry leaves, onions, and their secret curry spices and they even have the tamarind paste all combined into the special curry paste…believe it a not it has made things so much easier for curry lovers and it tasted exactly like those restaurant cooked curries.

I have to thank my neighbor for sharing this wonderful secret with me :p and now for Ipohans if you want to get good curry paste.. go Kg Simee wet market and ask for the stall. It is so famous that you juz mention the famous curry paste, the people there will point out the stall to you. My neighbor was kind enough to buy the paste for me , so I am not able to tell you which stall yet…you have to do a bit of detective work on your own if you can't wait :) I will be going to get the paste this weekend so I will keep you updated where exactly the stall is situated :) Be patient……..

I used the paste ( meant for cooking Assam Fish Head Curry ) but I used Rayfish to cook this Assam Curry and it was yummilicious…rayfish being Daddy’s favourite and true to what my neighbor friend told me…the curry was delicious.

I juz have to add 1 torch ginger flower ( bunga kantan ), some laksa leaves ( daun kesom ), ½ cup coconut milk and 1.5 cups of tamarind juice to the curry paste…the pot of curry was so aromatic that we can’t wait for dinner time to come fast especially that particular person is none other than Daddy! Kept asking when is dinner time…“ I am hungry…”, so pitiful, so we had an early dinner ! :p slurping and tucking in like hungry wolves…. (“,)

this assam curry paste is so good that I know
I am going to cook this for the next pot bless dinner
for it is easy and can whip up in such a short time

so delicious...Mmmmmm yummilicious
tangy spicy hot....who wouldn't love this

I juz have to add in the lady fingers and tomatoes,
beside the can use fish head instead
for asians who love fish head....a delicacy no doubt

I bought a new clay pot recently :p
I must never step into a crockery shop....
for I can never leave anything alone...
I have to leave with something.....
and Daddy started his 'singing '.....

" there is no place to store all this......
thank God I don't own a crockery shop or else..... "
I played deaf for the journey home :p :)
and my new toy was on my lap and
can't wait to use it.....finally I served this
Assam Rayfish Curry
in it :)



  1. Sigh, you and your toys.

    The curry looks delish by the way . I haven't had any in weeks !!! Help !!

  2. walio this is my favourite dish! all time! :) mouth salivating now!

  3. Very interesting curry recipe. I shall try it soon!

  4. This looks so delicious. Would love to try!

  5. Very delicious curry okra and fish.....I don't think I ever had rayfish.

  6. I love curry and this looks great, Elin! Another winner!

  7. What a beautiful dish! That curry paste sounds like a sure-fire winner.

  8. @ Joanna : ur order now dear. It will be ready for serving when you come back this weekend...can't wait to see you , Mizz you lotz :)) * hugs

    @ BBO : Not only yours, mine too! :))

    @ Mathildescuisine : Hi is a delish! :)

    @ Tasty Eats At Home : haha it is delicious as the pic presented :p

    @ Angie;s Recipes : Hi Angie, okra goes well with the fish curry :) Ray fish are nice cooked this way :)

    @ Miranda : Thanks Miranda :)

    @ Cookin Canuck : Hi CC, it is spicy hot and fiery but the tangy ness subdued it a bit :))

  9. sounds fantastic! yummy, oh, my keyboard is wet, it's all your fault!

  10. @ Short & Bald : Hi S&B, a wet keyboard and my fault LOL! Seriously, this is the best ever curry I have had cooked so far..:)


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