Friday, September 4, 2009

Pillow Dumplings

These are glutinous rice dumplings in the shape of pillows..kinda cute, different from the triangle shaped ones. I would like to thank my Piggy Cuz for these two ‘ pillows dumplings ’ homemade by her Aunty. * Yay, I can have these for dinner….one for myself and the other one for my other half. So happy. Thanks Piggy Cuz…it was good but not as good as grandmother’s …sshhh don’t tell the Aunty !

If I guessed correctly her Aunt must have learned from her grandmother ermmm also my grandmother who was one great woman. She made the most delicious dumplings ever! And every dumpling festival , every one of her children will get a few for their family and I looked forward to them. When I got married off, Mom continued to give me her share…so precious becoz each children will get a few only, becoz it was hard work for an old lady to wrap the dumplings all by herself. I should have learned from her too but too late now, she was called home many years back. This is what I regreted most!

The glutinous rice remained in its original color becoz no thick sauce was used. The fillings are just lean meat, chestnuts, some mung beans and some dried shiitake…..yummy is the word. Homemade ones are better becoz you can pick your own favourite ingredients as fillings and I love these fillings…so many chestnuts…so delicious…it brought back memories ….grandmother’s pillow dumplings, I thought I never get to taste again!

the undressed dumplings.....glorious!
Can't wait to see the inside :p

wow....the fillings revealed
a piece of well marinated lean meat,
4 pieces of dried shiitake, 5 pieces of chestnuts
and some mung beans.......

now...opened up for all to see

I loved it so did Daddy..he too miss this dumpling
he only knows how to eat this kind of dumpling
since he married me ! See the advantage of being
married to ME.....LOL ! He learns to eat all kind of food

Our desire for this dumpling had been satiated for now
Thanks Piggy Cuz for this deliciousness!


Thanks Miranda Hagan of My Food and Life Encounters
for passing me this
"I ♥ Your Blog" award :)
and Miranda I ♥ your blog too!
Thank You also for being so supportive and
truly you have given me so much encouragement by your
kind words each time you visit my blog :)
I have done all the questions when Tracie first gave me the award...LOL

Have a nice weekend!

*             *              *


  1. Glad you enjoyed the dumplings :) We usually eat them with chopped Chinese parsley (yin sai) and spring onion (choong)............. and a bit of thick "black" sauce! Now, THAT is YUMALICIOUS!

    Piggy Cuz

  2. Congratulations on the award, Elin! I only started making dumplings after joining in food blogging...ha ha!

  3. Elin, these dumplings make me crave for something made with glutinous rice....

    Angie's Recipes

  4. @ Piggy Cuz: Hey, thanks so much for it...oohhh I shall try eating it that way the next time you send some over :p

    @ My Little Space : Thanks Kirsty:)

    @ Angie's Recipes : Hi Angie...the pics makes me wants to slurps it off the screen each time I come back to look at it :p


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