Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Goodness of Organic Oat Groats,Brown Rice And Red Yeast Rice

Introducing these grains to the family diet is not an easy task. Imagine for years our staple food has been the white rice and now I have to wean them, so to speak, to eat these nutty and chewy texture grains as their staple food….so the first step is to tell them how wonderful these grains are for the body…..the next step is to stock them up and showing them how these grains look like and how expensive I have to pay for them…. And the final step is to cook them for dinner. Ooops I have to start weaning the old baby first – Daddy - coz he is the only one available at the moment … and you know what , it was easier than I thought! He welcomed the idea and he loves it now. Haha…wasn’t I glad that it was one easy hurdle to overcome. Now the next are the Piggies who are away at the moment. So I better introduce to them their new staple food through my blog…when they come drooling here for something sinfully decadent ! Smart Momsie …right :p

Well, these grains has lotz of goodness in them. Full of antioxidant, natural vitamins and minerals, oil from grains will lower the cholesterol and groats from oats are a good source of avenanthramide and rich in fiber which helps prevents colon cancer. Well , looking at the many goodness in them, why not try taking them as our staple food rather than those polished white rice since rice is a must for us. I really hope my Piggies will get adapted to them in due course.

top: red yeast rice
left: organic brown rice
right: organic oat groat

a close-up shot of organic brown rice
a close up shot of organic whole oat groats

a close up of the dried red yeast rice

I got lots of feedback that these grains are not nice and hard to consume and you know what, they told me that it doesn’t go well with curries…haha to me , it is just a matter of getting use to it. I love the fragrant of the oat groats when it is boiling in the cooker….it has a nice pleasant and sweet smell. And I love the moist chewy texture of it. The good news is Daddy loves it too! Thumbs up for this healthy staple food that I am going to have for the next few decades till my time expired…:p For the time being I have not added the red yeast rice to the other two grains yet coz it is going to stain the rest of the rice so I am going to steam it for just myself the next round coz the old baby doesn’t like his rice red in color :p Will post up the pic of the cooked red yeast rice later for you to drool :)
[ Edited on 9/10/09)]
And finally.....the steamed red yeast rice served on my brown rice :)) now you know why Daddy doesn't want it on his rice...well I like it though coz it is good for health...why not? Frankly speaking it is tasteless and has the texture of the black glutinous rice :)

a mixture of brown, white , oat groat and red yeast rice



  1. If I eat that then I will be piggy no more. Instead I shall go mooooooooooooooooo

    Tee hee

  2. I love it very much and I used to cook them but my husband doesn't like it due to his gum problem! Yeah, gum problem..can't even chew! So, no choice!

  3. According to a recent study res yeast rice can help lower cholesterol. Dr. David Becker and Ram Gordon, M.D. at Chestnut Hill Cardiology, published the findings of their study, “Red Yeast Rice for Dyslipidemia in Statin-Intolerant Patients," in the June 16, 2009 edition of Annals of Internal Medicine.
    According to Dr. Becker “Every physician has patients who refuse to take statins or have significant side effects from them”. And he goes on to say "One of the largest challenges in the medical community has been that there is no agreement or consensus on how to treat these patients. We are convinced that our research may lead to some answers."

  4. @ Joanna : Haha, you better start eating these grains...good for you...makes you young and good for the skin..LOL!

    @ My Little Space : I have to soak it for 6 hours before I cook them, advice for the organic shop. Surpringsly, it was moist and chewy...not bad after all and now I love it. Added the red yeast rice to my brown rice...lots of goodness for health overall :)

    @ World Vitamins Online: Thanks for the info and I have linked you:)


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