Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chilled Dragon Fruit Snowskin Mooncake For Dessert

Mooncake festival is just around the corner , it falls on October 3, and every Chinese household around the world , I am sure will be feasting on these cute little sweet cake now which can cost between RM5 to RM 14 per piece. Homemade ones are slightly cheaper which will cost about RM8 to RM10 depending what the fillings are. There are many types of mooncake, they have the baked ones and the non-baked ones (ping pei) and different varieties of filling. People have become so innovative and creative that they come out with so many tasty and flavorful fillings but we prefer the traditional ones being the baked one with plain lotus paste with duck egg yolks or without the yolks and those with assorted nuts and ham. Will post them up as we eat along :p 

Making these mooncakes can be very tedious . So I rather buy them from my friend who is good in making mooncake of different varieties.  Homemade ones are less sweet . Since the Piggies love both types , I bought the snowskin ( un-baked ) and baked ones for them to enjoy since they are back for the sem break :)) The chilled Red Dragon Fruit Snowskin ( ping pei ) with the authentic lotus paste with egg yolk filling was the first we tried and it was yummilicious. This costs RM8.80 per piece .

the snowskin has a slight dragonfruit flavor...mmmmm yumm

the Piggies preferred the one with the duck egg yolk

I love the ones without the yolk
so that I can savor the original taste of
the lotus paste with the melon seeds
mmmm...we only get to eat this once a year :p



  1. Oh..I love the colors! Mooncake festival is approaching, I also started to make some at home.

  2. Very interesting indeed! Thanks for passing on this unique tradition!

  3. This look phenominal. You always have such unique dishes!!
    I love it!!!!

  4. You know we can't get ping pei mooncake here. I still prefer plain mooncake minus the egg yolk.

  5. it looks cute. i like mooncakes with lots of nuts. also prefer a giant one - once i had one the size of my face.

  6. @ The Chickenless Chick : I love the colors too...sweet color and taste good too :)

    @ Chow and Chatter : Once a year we eat to savor this :))

    @ Anncoo : Hi Ann, thanks for dropping a line here :) Pls put up the recipe :p so that the next mooncake fastival, will make my own since eveyone is making their own :p

    @ Cajun Chef Ryan: Hi Chef, you are most welcome :)

    @ Miranda : :) thanks Miranda

    @ ICook4Fun : Hi Gert, ping pei is much easier to make :) I am too lazy to bother making my own ...too tedious and can't eat much. Ready paste are much much too sweet :)

    @ Short & Bald : Haha yup I remember now that Bald needs a giant one :p

  7. hi Elin, first time coming by from an IPOH waisik mama.. i m going to love your blog.. will try your recipes one of these days..if i ever find the time, ie.

    glad to know that u r also a food blogger!

  8. No artificial coloring is used? That sounds great!

  9. I like chilled snowskin mooncakes too, especially with thin layer of skin :)

  10. @ Reanaclaire: Hi Reana, thanks for dropping me a line here. Haha...today you found out I am a food blogger...so are you surprised? LOL! * shhhh this is our secret :)))

    @ Little Inbox : Haha...I just found out that the filling is a combo of dragonfruit and lotus paste .LOL ! no colouring it seems :))

    @ CK Lam : Hi CK this is so yummy coz the skin is thin and the filling is so homemade type ...not sweet just perfect. Dragonfruit and lotus paste combo...great one :)

  11. Another great way to use dragon fruits! Your mooncakes are so cute!

  12. Hi Karine :)

    Thanks for dropping me a line..heehee yup those mooncakes are cute in look ,sweet in color and yummy in taste...worth the money paying for such an expensive price for each one :)


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