Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'Nai Yau Har' / Buttered Prawns

Today we did not go out coz the weather was hot. Unbearably hot. So we stayed indoor. Me surfing and piggy gal reading her novel. The moment she holds a book...she will be lost to the world. I dozed off after getting no reply from her.

This is what I cooked for dinner. I bought quite a lot of prawns and after asking around how they would like the prawns prepared. This is the outcome of the cooked prawns. High cholesterol so I better not tuck in too much of it.

Nai Yau Har ( Buttered Prawns )


1/2 kg prawns- cleaned and deveined ( leave the shells on)
2 pips of garlic- chopped finely
5 chilli padi - chopped finely
2 twigs of curry leaves
1 1/2 tblspoon of curry padi
some corn flour
1 tblspoon of butter
salt to taste
oil for frying the prawns
1 egg- whipped

  • Rub some salt on the prawns and cover the prawns with some corn flour. Heat up the wok and add in some oil. When the oil is hot, put in the prawns and fry till it is almost cooked and fragrant.
  • Push the prawns aside and take out the oil from the wok. Add in butter, garlic and the chilli padi and the curry leaves and curry powder. When the curry leaves gives out its fragrant , slowly add in the whipped egg using a fork so that it will come out in streaks.
  • When the egg streaks are crispy, it is ready to dish up and serve hot.


  1. ohhh man this is my favourite dish! i loveee the crunchy bits once i was at a buffet and they had sadly run out of prawns but the tray was filled with the crunchy bits mmm fattening

  2. Oooh... chocolate thrilled to bits that u dropped a comment on my blog. I love ur blog and u r one of my fav. food blogger. :) This dish is everyone's favourite...but for me I have to watch my diet..(",)


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