Monday, January 24, 2011

Spicy Tom Yom Fried Rice

Tiredness is my worst enemy for a person who loves to cook and this simple one dish meal came into the scene when the enemy decides to strike :p  Spicy Tom Yom Fried Rice will do for dinner when tiredness takes over. I had been standing on my feet frying the crab filaments the past few nights ( this is the best CNY gifts to give to my friends and relatives  :p )  I used 9 grains to make this fried rice. Healthy and delicious. Love their firm springy texture and high fibre content :)   This fried rice is so simple to prepare that even a young lass can do it :)

The aroma from the tom yom paste and kaffir lime leaves make everyone wants another helping of this fried rice.  I arranged the cooked shrimps nicely on top of the fried rice instead of being combined into the rice,  this makes it even more attractive to the Piggies . Food presentation is very important even in  a simple dish like this . It helps to boost ones palate and make this simple one dish meal more appealing :)  This is how I tricked my Piggies to eat a simple fried rice to cover my laziness in preparing something more elaborate :p

9 grains rice is good for health
has a firm and springy texture

ingredients for this simple fried rice are 1 tbsp of grapeseed oil
tom yom paste, green chillies, kaffir lime leaves,
shrimps, egg and cooked 9 grains rice and bacon chips * optional

fry the bacon bits till fragrant and crisp, add in the garlic, tom yom paste, kaffir lime leaves
and coantinue to stir fry till fragrant, add in the shrimps
and continue to stir fry till the shrimps are cooked

add in the cooked 9 grains rice and fry till well combined with
the paste mixture. Push the tom yom rice aside and add in 2 eggs
and  push back the rice to cover the eggs and the eggs cook for
5 secs before mixing it together with the rice . Add in some sea salt
to taste.  Off the heat  and serve while it is piping hot :) 
As easy as ABC

I took out the shrimps and arranged it nicely on topto give it a nice look...
but the aroma of this dish
is enough to whet one's palate but I love to make
my Piggies SQUEAL with delight each time I served
them something simple :))))

Enjoy and have a great day !

*          *          *


  1. Ok now I've just drooled! I love anything to do with Tom Yum...

  2. Elin, I love tom yom, I bet this fried rice is very delicious.

  3. I also wanna be one of your piggies la. 8 grain rice is brown rice is it?

  4. children would love this...spicy and delicious. I would dive for the prawns :D Your rice looks so healthy.

  5. LOVE simple, yet delicious dinners! Yours looks perfect~

  6. your fried rice looks delicious and you are oh so right people eat with their eyes and presentation does help! I have never heard of Tom Yom Paste, I will have to look for it at our store....
    thanks for the inspiration!
    Piggy Dennis

  7. This is not funny. It's the morning, I should be getting my oatmeal, and now I only want this. Tes, I just drooled, too!

  8. This fried rice with the tom yum paste sounds very appetizing.

  9. Elin, wow I must try this recipe out very soon. Sounds so addicitive. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice evening.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. wahh... my girl loves tomyam fried rice..this evening she took pattaya.. hahaa..

  11. Oh Tom Yom!! mmmmm! I love the rice - that is one delicious yummy meal!

  12. What a delicious looking and sound fried rice. If this is what you prepare when you are feeling tired and lazy, as you said, then there is never a dull meal in your home. Can't wait to try your delish recipe!

  13. Fried tom yum rice sounds delicious! I can just imagine the flavours! Makes my mouth water Elin, this looks too good! Any chance of sending some over? ;)

  14. Woahhh....looks so yummy. Your kitchen must smell so good when you fried this. 9 grain rice sounds like a heatlhy idea. I should try it one day. I love tomyum easy to make yummy dishes with it.

  15. absolutely delicious! i love anything tomyam..soup, noodles, rice..the tomyam paste is so it, i'm hungry now looking at this..

  16. Multigrain tom yom rice! wow...this looks and sounds just mouthwatering!

  17. I fried brown rice with tom yum paste earlier, but was not have bird's eye chilies, so less oumph.

  18. Elin, this really looks delicious. I love Thai-style rice and this sounds wonderful. I actually have the sauce in my pantry. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  19. Hi to all,

    Thanks for dropping by to drool on such a simple fried rice . It is seriously delicious ! :)

    Kathy....this rice consists of 9 types of grains. Brown rice is one of them. You ask the shop assistant and they will show you what 9 grains are. You can see from my photos the combination of grains :)

    Klimt...thanks, will add you soon :)

    Chef Dennis .....Tom Yom paste is a spicy thai sauce for making tom yom soup. I am sure you can find them in the Asian Store :)

    Belinda and both are funny alright :) LOL!

    Kristy....hope you will like it too :) Have a great time baking your CNY cookies :)

    Specie Foodie...hope you will like the taste of this tom yom flavored fried rice :)

    Sharon....haha all in the stomach already digested and out :p

    Angie....yea 9 grains rice is healthy and great to munch on :)

    Little must add in either green chillies or chillie padi :)

    Mary....hope you try frying the rice with this spicy and flavorful sauce :)

  20. Hey this one dish meal is so salivating. Can smell it from the screen. But the 9 grain rice, haven't tried before, may do so one fine day!

  21. is good for health and I love the texture of the grains :)


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