Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lovely Lunch @ Italiannies ,The Gardens

Lately , I have been travelling up and down KL and on one of these occasions, had the opportunity to try out food from Italiannies . The three of us were at The Gardens looking for good food to appease our hunger and we found Italiannies on the 1st floor of The Gardens. Piggy Jo and myself love pasta and the  ' Wild Boar ' loves anything meat.  The perfect lunch for the 3 hungry pigs was delicious both the roast chicken and the pastas.  I wish I could remember the name of the pasta and the chicken...I only remember they have wonderful name for each dish :p for the memory is weak when the stomach is weak LOL! Just drool and see what finally appeased the stomach :)

this italian herbs loaf came with the set...
.taken with the balsamic olive oil dip

but they were very stingy with their balsamic vinegar :(
you can hardly get to taste the balsamic

bruschetta with tomatoes and 
parmesan topping...this is delish !

a close up of it and you can see
they are also stingy with the parmesan cheese :(

this tomato soup with croutons was okay only :)

this half roast chicken is delicious....well marinated with
 spicy spices and beautifully roasted and
needless to say who enjoyed this the most, I stole the wings
from the' wild boar '.....yummy

I can't remember the name of this has pepperoni,
olive, and fresh mushrooms with a white sauce but this darn
good and yummy...I will want to have this again..definitely !

this is another beautiful and delicious pasta dish with
 some flavorful  spicy spices and came with 
bacon bits ,olives and onions ...delicious :)

some camwhoring before the food arrived :p

The handsome 'wild boar' and his princess Piggy :)))

Enjoy and have a great day !

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  1. Very delicious and appetizing dishes! Should give it a try some day!

  2. Looks like a lovely meal! Definitely worth a try.

  3. Everything look delicious! I feel hungry now:D!

  4. Yummmm..... Gardens? Must be expensive! :(

  5. now you got me really hungry instead of me making you hungry. The pasta and the chicken looks really good..almost cant see the parmesan cheese on that bruschetta!

  6. This place looks amazing! I love reading about restaurants and what food they serve. The bread looks amazing, as is all the other food!

  7. Grace....if you love italian food, this is good :)

    Bromography...yes it is worth it , not bad , a lovely lunch we had :)

    Lulia...haha me too so when I am hungry I come here for replenish virtually :P is quite reasonable...of course don't order those super expenisve item. The one we ordered are just under RM30 per set comes with bruschetta. The main dish is enuf for big eaters. For Joanna and myself , the pasta was a wee bit too much for us plus after finishing those bruschetta :) Soup is another side order for Joanna. Worth trying especially the roast chicken. Well marinated and well roasted. Worth it coz we can't find them in Ipoh :)

  8. Lena....hey thanks for the chocolate banana cake, love the chocolate cake and am looking forward to the recipe. Moist and beautifully made :) I finished one whole slice which I seldom do but it was so nice...mmmmm I want more :)

    Sharon....yes...the pasta was tasty and the roast chicken was great..worth it anyway :) nice ambience too :)

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