Monday, January 17, 2011

Light Dinner @ Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens, KL

You know ,when I am down in KL , I will normally hang around The Gardens for food , too lazy to venture out , firstly we have no vehicle, we travel by ETS nowadays, unlike those days when the kids were younger, Wild Boar will drive , thus have to rely on public transport and secondly , the traffic jam in KL is horrible.  So , Jo and myself will normally eat around this area.  Wild Boar goes about his business leaving me and Jo to amuse ourselves :) What else , we eat and eat and eat the whole time we were there..and after eating round the clock, we settled for something light and yet delicious for dinner.....yea...Sushi Zanmai.

There was a long queue and we waited for almost an hour for our turn , luckily we were not so hungry or we would have abandoned the idea of eating there. The food served was good ,we ordered just a few dishes, the deep fried soft shell crab is a must have, we never miss that out whenever we eat goes well with the special dip sauce and their wasabi. Their prices are reasonable and the food served was not bad. I don't know what is their speciality so we just ordered what we fancy eating that night.  We don't want too heavy a meal for we want some space for dessert later on :p  I tell you , when the Piggies are out of their sty , they run wild for food like gluttons :p :p  I can't remember the name of the Japanese dishes we ordered so just drool and enjoy with me as I recollect what we ate that night.

Jo and myself enjoyed ourselves very much and after the food, we were both oinking away like two well fed Pigs :)  As we walked back to our hotel in MV , we stopped by the foodcourt for some sweet soup ( tong sui ) from Jonker Street and we were really full to the brim...LOL! Gluttons we were and I look forward to more eating spree that next time I am down in KL.  Don't worry...after the heavy meal ( which is suppose to be light dinner ) we slept through the night and we got up early to have our free breakfast before we shot off to do our important business we came to KL for :) and I shall share more of what happened to our business :p  Thanks to Laurie for the support. She is applying for the bachelor social work program offered online. She enjoys cooking and traveling in her free time.

Have a great Monday.....hope this post will take away the lazy mood :)))

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  1. Next time i follow u to KL for makan spree... :p

  2. gosh, i miss kl!!! all those nice places and restaurants!!!

  3. one hour wait thanks

  4. Beautiful pictures and very tasty!

  5. Next time I head to KL I'm definitely coming here! I don't mind waiting in line if the food is great! Love reading about restaurants and seeing all the different food out there. And hope I'd get the chance to go and stuff myself silly! :D

  6. Amazing that you waited an hour to eat at the restaurant. Now that's what I call being patient. I guess from the looks of your photos, the wait was well worth it.

  7. You waited an hour to get in? WOW! But the food does look amazing! :)

  8. Claire...hahaha sure no problem since now you can take the train. 2 hrs ride eat and come back...Ok?

    Something have been to KL? hahaha KL offers good food :)

    Kathy....don't go dinner time..have to queue and wait to be seated...gosh if you are hungry forget this place :)

    Lulia.....thanks :) and welcome to my humble blog :)

    Sharon....they have many Japanese restaurants in KL :) you must travel to KL when you are back for holidays in East Malaysia :)

    Anna...yesss, the place is kind of crowded during the dinner session and it was a weekday...imagine if it is weekend, I think I have to wait for 2 hours :p

    Kate...ya, 1 hour and I was getting a bit restless but when think of the food...patience comes in situation like this :)

  9. That seaweed salad looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

  10. Tiffany...hahaha ya it is good...crunchy and refreshing !

  11. Nice sushi. Must try the kengan water also. Let me know if anyone keen. Special invitation only.


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