Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fish Fillets En Papilotte

It's time to eat more fish after having consumed so much of arteries clogging food during the festive season :p and now back to eating fish and be happy !   I love cooking fish in papilotte .  Wrap them in papilotte and chuck them into the oven for 15-20 minutes and tada dinner is ready !  It's such an easy task and yet it gives me the full satisfaction in taste and the right amount of calories intake ..... and not much of cleaning up to do and it's healthy too !

This is how easy it is to prepare the Baked Fish In Papilotte . The panko mixture is versatile. You can use any kind of spices or dried herbs or even fresh parsley will be fine . But garlic is a must for me :) In this instance my panko mixture consists of  Japanese panko , chilli flakes, chopped garlic, a dash of black pepper ( you can omit this ) and dried mixed herbs.  I have baked fish in papilotte many times and each time I used different spices and herbs and different type of fish.

Get a chunk of fresh garoupa fillet and cut them into 1/2 thick slices.  Season them with seasalt and white pepper for 10 minutes.  Use baking paper of a size enough to wrap the pieces of fillets , Brush butter on the baking  paper and sprinkle the panko mixture on to the buttered area. Lay the fillets on the panko mixture and cover top it with another layer of panko mixture. Wrap up into a packet and sealed with bamboo picks . Bake in a preheated oven @ 180C for 15 to 20 minutes depending on how cooked you want it to be . The  'Wild Boar ' wants it more cooked and I have to make sure the panko are browned and crispy and yet retained the moistness of the fish......if not I will be sacked from my kitchen post :P just kidding :)

The chilli flakes are from Domino's Pizza :P ( this is darn pungent )  I used two packets of the chilli flakes and gosh .. Jo's tongue couldn't take if you can't the heat, please do not use Domino's chilli flakes. I have lots of them in the fridge...each time they ordered home delivery from Domino's , I will keep the extras in the fridge for future use like in this case :)

see how easy it is to get ready the 
fish fillet for baking, the butter is to crisp
the panko and give it  an extra buttery taste

love this simple to make panko mixture

you can use bamboo picks to seal the edges
of the papilotte 

this is Jo's portion with the NZ Mussels..she love 
the baked fish and mussels and some blanched
siew pak choy with oysters sauce

Have a great weekend !

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  1. That looks good. What exactly is papilotte? My mom also collects the chilli flakes too. They are pretty useful.

  2. Mmmm...looks nice and healthy too. I love en papilotte, easy to prepare n keeps all the flavour in the bag.

  3. Looks good Elin! Just thinking, that panko, herbs, seasoning & finely minced garlic (add some grated cheese too) would make a fantastic crunchy topping on the Green-Lipped NZ mussels you baked in their shells!

  4. Elin, that's labour of love! Looks so delicious!

  5. i saw you & jo at tesco this morning!

  6. What a great recipe and gorgeous presentation (we might all have to sneak into Domino's for that chili!)

  7. We love fish so I am always looking for different way to prepare it. I have all the ingredients (except the Domino's red pepper flakes)and a new roll of parchment paper! This looks divine!

  8. Looks yummy and not too complicated. I love cooking using oven, easier and healthier. I would like to try this one day, thanks for sharing!

  9. Great title! I am trying to get my family to eat more fish too.

  10. That's easy and looks very delicious. It's good to eat more fish. I cooked fish for dinner, too, today. I made fishermen's pie and my family liked it very much.

  11. Where to get...this pailotte? Po piah skin, same or not?

  12. hubi will love this one..

  13. Elin, I promise to cook for more fish like yours. Delicious and healthy :)

  14. elin, i've seen quite a few papilottes from you. i'm sure they taste very very good. thanks for another great sharing!

  15. Esther....Papilotte is ' paper bag ' in French :) Yup, they are useful :)

    Leny...yesss I agree with you, the fish remained moist and all the flavors are trapped in.

    Lynne....yes, I will do that for my next baked mussels in their shells. Great idea from you..I am already thinking about it now :)

    Angie...haha all in the papilotte :)

    Belinda....haha yup, do that :p try cooking fish this way...healthy and all flavors will be sealed in the papilotte :)

    Min....oh you must try cooking fish this way. Must better than frying them :) I used the oven most of the time :)

    Angie....yes I like that title is meant for the family when the read it...coz most fish dishes will be served from now on :p

    Mary Moh....your fishmen's pie must be great. I will try it out one day :)

    Arthur....papilotte means ' paperbag in French. Just wrap the fish in parchment paper ( a type of greaseproof paper used for baking cookies )

    Kathy...yup you should try cooking fish wrapped in parchment paper..healthy cooking for the family :) I do that most of the time.

    Anncoo...for this healthy so start with the fish first...nola for me everything in moderation :)

    Lena....yup, I love cooking food in papilotte. It sealed the flavor in and the food remained moist on the inside. Like this dish..the outside is crispy and yet moist and tender on the inside. Great sensation when you take the first bite :)


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