Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quinine Mango Sambal / Chutney

My colleague gave me 3 quinine mangoes last friday , from her own garden.  The ripe one ...has a strong smelly fragrance which can be over powering for some but I love them nonetheless :))) You can't hide them from your friends anyway , what more in an air conditioned office !  I love making  them into sambal , a local mango chutney , that is a sweet and spicy concoction , blend with fresh chillies and toasted shrimp paste ( belacan ) and used as a condiment for fish , meat or simply as a unique side dish. I taught  Jo to eat this when she was young and now whenever I make this spicy mango chutney, she will squeal and I tell you she really ' tambah nasi ' have extra rice when I served this condiment for dinner :p   I learned to make this chutney from my Malay colleague :) when I had lunch with them many many years ago and since then this has been my favorite sambal !

I fried some overnight  rice with chinese cabbage , dried shrimps and eggs... and with this mango sambal/ chutney as a side dish ...gosh , you can imagine how much fried rice Jo and myself tucked in that night . Not many people can take quinine as they may be allergic to the fruit . But lucky for me and my family we have no allergies to this fruit. We get along well with this fruit :)  This fruit is seasonal and I only get to eat it once or twice a year and I normally make them into chutney to go with my fried fish but for this once, we just complement it with our already yummy fried rice.

a plate of flavorful fried rice with side condiment of
spicy sweet mango chutney :)

I used up two quinine mango for this sambal/chutney dish and
kept one for the next day to go with my fried fish :0

most asians will love this side condiment if I am not wrong
and I am thankful  my Piggies love them

I can make this condiment everyday if there are quinines
all the year through :p

Quinine Mango Sambal/ Chutney

Ingredients :

2 quinine - diced into small cubes

5 fresh  red chillies - remove seeds
5-6 bird's eye chilies - remove seeds

1 thumb sizes piece of shrimp paste - toasted


Pound the two types of chillies together in a mortar and pestle. While the chillies are coursely pounded, toast the shrimp paste in a wok over low heat until they become fragrant.  Dish them into the mortar and pestle while they are still hot and continue to pound the mixture till they are blended together into a beautiful paste. Scoop the chillies and shrimp paste mixture into a bowl, add in the diced quinine and mixed them together till well combined.  Cover with a cling wrap and chill in the fridge. Serve it with your fried fish or meat .

Have a nice day !

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  1. Jahaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt tempting me with quinine and sambal.

    Ya i remember the strong smell. One time we bring a friend to KT. She never saw quinine before. Bought two biji home. Wah lau eh...the car smells of that for a week LOL

  2. Elin,
    I love quinine mango. Many people don't like the strong smell but I love it. My brother used to have a quinine mango tree in his garden and I get free quinine all the time. I have not tried making sambal with it. Yours look so inviting and I must try this soon. Your post deserve my buzz:D BUZZZZZ!! LOL!

  3. Quinine mango is delicious. I love anything mango. And mmmm sambal too! Put them together and I bet you get one amazing chutney! Honestly looks very appetizing, I want to try it sometime. And I bet it goes brilliantly with the fried rice!

  4. This looks like the perfect accompaniment! I love sweet and spicy together!

  5. Hey, this is one of my favourite fruit and simply adore the aroma. I'm salivating here too!

  6. It's interesting to learn about this type of mango. You've peaked my curiosity and see if it's available in our area.

  7. I like that sweet spice taste in your dish, but I've never had a quinine mango - this makes me want to try it! I wonder if we even have it around here.

  8. Gosh! I'd forgotten this mango even existed! I haven't seen them for so long since my Penang days. Now am craving it again! Aaaarrrgghh!

  9. This looks great elin. Even your fried rice looks so delicious, like the one we bought from the restaurants. Can I substitute the mango with any mango you think?

  10. i'm not sure which are the quinine mangoes, does jusco have that?

  11. I absolutely adore mango chutney, but have never made it. I find the big chunks of quinine mango in your version very appealing.

  12. Looks yum yum. We can only get some Brazilian mangoes here...which doesn't taste as good as those I had at home.

  13. Can I ask, should the quinine be ripe or sour for this sambal?

  14. Kathy...yea..the strong smell lingers just like the durians :)

    Veronica....thank you so much for the buzzzz :)

    Sharon....yes it goes well with the fried rice...yumm yumm

    Tiffany....yess it is a great appetizer condiment..esp with fried or baked fish :)

    Arthur....haha salivating thinking of the banana leaf rice :) it is the season so can get some and make them yourself :)

    Anna & Kate...I am not sure whether you have this at the fruit store over at your place. The strong smell can be overpowering for some :)

    Ping....I am glad I manage to excite you with this condiment :p

    Leny...thanks for your kind words...the fried rice was great and they complement each other well :) This mango has a special taste and the strong aroma is suitable for making this chutney. Others may not be suitable :) but you can always try. The oomph won't be there. The strong aroma and quinine taste gave it the kick :)

    Lena....yes, at the veggie section ( runs by the private company ) if it is in season.

    CC...thanks for dropping by despite your tight schedule :)

    Angie....only quinine mango can go well with the sambal :)

    Stacy....the quinine mango must be ripe but not overly ripe or else it will be make the chutney watery.

  15. What is the chinese name for Quinine Mango?

  16. Hi Elin
    I have never heard of those types of Mangoes I will have to look for them!
    your chutney looks amazing and along side that delicious fried rice, it must have been the perfect compliment!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  17. Anon ....sorry I really have no idea what it is called in chinese :p

  18. Chef Dennis,

    I am not sure whether you can get them in the States but it has a strong overpowering smell :p this spicy chutney goes well with the fried rice :) a marriage made in heaven as the saying goes :)

  19. Can we eat them green? How can we tell when they are ripen? softer?

  20. Hi Pauline,

    the skin of this mango is green but the inside is light orangey color and yes, when it is ripen, it is slightly soft when press on it. Hope this helps :)


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