Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chicken Stew Soup By 'Chef Wild Boar'

Of all the soup recipes out there, chicken soups have to be one of the most versatile soups. A fresh pot of chicken soup or stew starts with a pot of hot water and any part of the chicken with fresh picked root veggies, fresh herbs or dried herbs and potatoes depending on your recipes. It goes well with many different spices and seasonings . The best comfort food for us especially on a cold rainy night . Nothing is quite as versatile and yet simple and easy to make as chicken soup and I was wondering why it has been such a long time since I made a stepping pot of chicken soup or stew.  And someone beats me to it ..and not only that... he cooks better than me LOL!

Today, I would like to share with you this pot of chicken stew soup prepared by my ' Chef Wild Boar ' : ) A simple yet tasty soup. This chicken stew soup must have been prepared with lots of love and patience for it tasted wonderfully good :p . I have recently conferred this title " Chef Wild Boar ' on him for he cooks better than me now :p  So , I think I can now safely hand over my apron to him...What say you ???

this stew soup can be taken with noodles or rice or with

if you want it thicker, you can puree the cooked veggies  
and add back into the soup

you may think this is ABC soup but it taste very much better
it is a between stew and soup :) 

the bay leaves and the dried mixed herbs enriched
this stew soup making it aromatic and flavorful

Chicken Stew Soup  ( taken from 'Chef Wild Boar' when he sleep talked )

Ingredients :

6 chicken drumsticks – skin removed

3 carrots- cut into chunks
4 potatoes – cut into chunks
3 yellow onions – cut into quarters
2 tomatoes – cut into quarters

2 Bay leaves
2 tbsps of mixed Italian herbs
1 tsp of toasted black pepper - coarsely ground

2500 ml of hot boiling water
sea salt to taste

Method :
Saute (A) with 1 tbsp of olive oil in a soup pot until fragrant. Pour 2500 ml  hot boiling water onto it and simmered over medium heat for 30 minutes.  Add in the drumsticks and (B)  and  slowly simmer under low heat until the drumstick meat is tender soft and can be easily pull out.( about 1 hour ) Add sea salt to taste . Serve hot.
*Adding pureed vegetables is a popular soup-thickening technique and you simply need to take some of the cooked vegetables out of the soup, puree them in a food processor or blender, and return the puree to the pan. You can also grate raw potatoes or yams into the soup and cook them. Stirring in mashed potatoes thickens up the soup too.

Enjoy !
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  1. Oo...you so lucky! The soup must be flavorful. :P

  2. Ya...looks real good. Lucky you...now can goyang kaki already, let wild boar take over. Hehehehehehe!!!

  3. Yummy ! Will certainly try to cook it someday ! ;)

  4. Next time I will "demand" wild boar to cook for me too!! :P on 2nd thoughts, do you have any more wild boars available???

  5. wow, wild boar made something comfort for you again. How nice of him! First, ipod then soup... what next huh? I'm so jealous. LOL! Even Claire wants one too! haha....
    Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. Mmm...I can eat a big pot of this. The weather is so cold I just want to have hot chicken soup through out the day! You are sure very lucky to have someone to cook for you :D

  7. can "smell" the soup already. yummmm

  8. Looks absolutely delicious! So nourishing & soul warming!
    The best foods are those like these our other halves make for us! My best memory of tasty food from Mr Leaf was a lamb stew/soup from leftover roast lamb leg. So nourishing when I wasn't feeling well!
    I would pass the apron to Mr Chef Wild Boar! Lucky you! Xxxxx

  9. I think it's time to pass on the apron and make way for a new head chef! Or maybe not just yet? ;) The soup looks delicious and full of flavour. He did a great job! I bet it warms the heart as well as the tummy :).

  10. I'd be thrilled if someone wants to make this soup for me.

  11. Now that is one great bowl of delicious stew!! I think you can let Chef Wild Boar contribute from time to time, just don't let him Hog the act!
    piggy chef Dennis

  12. dont have to pass the apron to mr wild boar, just get him a new apron or perhaps he wants to start a blog by himself?

  13. Oh that bowl of soup will definitely hit the spot - looks so flavorful, inviting and comforting!

  14. This soup looks wonderfully rich and delicious for sure!

  15. That broth looks amazing! Your right, there are a lot of chicken stew/soup recipes and variation, but to each cook is their own creation:)

  16. Elin, you are such lucky gal, wish my husband will cook for me too hehehe...

  17. Wow your husband can truly cook Elin. So lucky...=)....this soup certainly looks so comforting. Reminds me of my mom,she always makes chicken soup for us.

  18. Thank you so much for your kind words here and all the support you guys have given here :)) I always count my blessings :) He cooks better than me , that is a fact ! but I won't let him show off too much here :p nor it is advisable to let him outshine me too much or else when I cook no one will come here anymore LOL! Hope all of you enjoyed this soup much when you tried it out :)

    Claire....will look out for you one wild boar that cooks good as this one :p

    Arthur....when he is in the mood only :p so can't retire from the kitchen yet !

    Kristy... no need to be jealous..yours is good in something else :p

    Lynne...you think I should hand over the apron to him...nay or I have to slop and mop the kitchen every day :(

    Chef Dennis....you are right...hahaha don't let him hog the act :)

  19. This looks much better than ABC soup!


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