Monday, January 31, 2011

HK Baby Kailan In Oyster Sauce & Crispy Garlic Slices

I will be adding more veggie and fish to my dinner menu after the Chinese New Year.  For 'our ' age ( Wild Boar & myself )  it is good to add more veggie and fish in our diet . I love greens and the chinese restaurants over here have come out with so many different style of cooking greens . Today's veggie dish is Hong Kong Baby Kailan in simple oyster sauce and garnish with crispy garlic slices . A simple yet flavorful veggie dish.

These  HK Baby Kailan are sweet and tender. Love their natural green even after blanching them in hot boiling water and it is best cooked simple so that you get to taste the natural flavor of the greens and you just have to cook a simple oyster sauce for it and garnish with lots of golden  crispy garlic slices.....yummilicious!

There are many ways to cook these way  is to cook them with yam....I would like try it out one day, for kailan with yam is one dish that restaurants are serving as one of their signature dish . A very popular dish among the chinese.  Meanwhile , you may like to have this veggie dish for your reunion dinner , that is , if you want something simple and easy to prepare and yet taste good.

Enjoy !

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  1. Baby Kailan... hmmm I've never heard of that before. But it looks like chinese broccoli to me. Is Kailan the proper name for chinese broccoli?
    Either way this looks delicious and it's great that you're adding more veggies to your diet!

  2. I love kailan! But so difficult to find here! So I'm seriously drooling right now ;). Delicious! I love my veggies, especially the Asian types :D

  3. My fav meals always consist of fish and leafy greens! I'll def be giving this a try!

  4. Kailan with yam? I've never heard of that!

  5. This really looks delicious. I think we all are try to do more fish and vegetables. I hope this recipes is just a precursor of those to come. Have a wonderful evening. Blessings...Mary

  6. I love baby kailan, it's one of my favourite. This dish sure looks delicious Elin.

  7. Very healthy ah... make sure soak longer time with lots of salt...

  8. What's for the Reunion Dinner tomorrow? Can picture you sweating it out in the kitchen all day... LOL!!! Qong Xi Fa Cai to you, Wild Boar and your Piggies...

  9. Roxan...yes the proper name is chinese broccoli but this HongKong baby kailan is less fibrous and it is tender and sweeter than the original kailan :)

    Sharon....over here we have lots of them....thank you so much for coming here to drool...just don';t let Mary knows or she will be jealous :p :P just kidding. I love Mary Moh's cooking lots. Tell her and hugs her for me :)

    Healthy Mamma....thanks for dropping by. I will be eating more of fish and veggies :)

    Ann....Yes I will be trying it out and will post it up soon :) It is good and I am trying to visualise how's the recipe and am trying to get it as close as can be...tongue tasting guess work LOL! I ate them at the restaurant and I love it and since then it has been on my mind....salivating in my dreams :)))

    Mary...thanks , same to you too :)) is simple and delicious..I love baby kailan !

    Claire...yup, soak and wash thoroughly :)

    Arthur....yea, I will huffing and puffing in the kitchen. Haih... I want EAT OUT next year OR I will FIRE myself next year - but the Wild Boar wants his tradition dishes that his mom made for him so I have to imitate the dishes for him :p :P Will post them after the dinner...stay tuned ! GONG XI FA CAI to you , Mrs. and Melissa !

  10. Elin, this is my kinda dish, too. I actually fancy veggies more than I do for meat. LOL! This way of serving veggies is very Canto, too! LOL! Suits my Canto palate perfectly!

  11. These are lovely. I think one of my favourite sauces ais a well-used oyster sauce. It pairs so well with vegetables, especially greens like this baby kailan. It looks a tad similar to kale but I don't think i've ever come across it.

  12. My favourite veg~!!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  13. Baby Kailan is one of my favorites. Looks delish with the crispy garlic slices! Wonder what it will taste like with yam?

    Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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