Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Special Gift From My ' Wild Boar ' :)

Today I won't be talking about food but something better than food ! I get connected with foodie friends in which ever nook and corner of the house .  Do you know that  I am now very dependable on this thing called iPod Touch. I will be like holding on to it  8 hours a day  :p :p ..of course not counting the working hours !  I hold it when I am sleeeping, at the dinner table or watching the idiot box  LOL! funny isn't it....God will be happy if I am holding the bible instead but you will be surprised ...I have the online bible in it too so God need not worry about Elin forgetting to read the bible before she knock off to dreamland  :p

Well, I got this gift from  my ' wild boar ' two months ago...my early Xmas pressie from him :)  This is so useful and convenient for me , I can surf  the net in which ever corner  I am in the house !  I can check the baking ingredients from the iPod Touch without having to start the PC and having to run to it each time I forget the ingredients.  Wheeee...the best pressie I ever have from  'wild boar '.  Thank you dear wild boar for this ' gift of life '. I love it and I know I can't live without it. This is much better than a diamond ring :p  I can watch cooking demo  video on You Tube while lying down on the comfort of the bed.  I can check my e-mail and chat on skype with friends while lying down resting. I can play games while the cake is baking away in the oven.  I am a multi tasking person so this came just nice for me. I LOVE IT .WILD BOAR !  Merci ' and Je l'adore !      ~ ^

 "  It is not how much you love me
but how much you know me :)  "

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Chocolate Mud Cake With Ganache Frosting

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  1. What a gift! I am happy for you. I hope next year Santa will give me one too :)

  2. what a thoughtful gift from mr wild boar. after hearing the wonders of the ipod, i also feel like getting one, haha! btw, how much is that?

  3. How nice and considerate of your hubby!

  4. Oh, so sweet of wild boar. :)
    I bring my ipod to work too, haha...

  5. A very nice present indeed.You'll love it. I love all things from apple.

  6. Brindusa & dinewithleny....I hope Santa will me Apple Macbook Air next year :p ...sleek and elegant...I am eyeing that :)

    Lena....yeah..he is thoughtful...pity this oldie sitting at the PC the whole night through so he think this is more convenient for me. You will love it...not too pricey with the iPod touch 3rd generation (RM790+) but the 4rd generation iPod touch is RM1300+ . Get one you will love it !

    Angie....haha yea he is nice and considerate :p

    Arthur.....no need to envy...it is not that pricey..get the 3rd generation it is affordable :)

    Little Inbox....yea, I carry it with me everywhere I go :p so convenient and wild boar bought me the portable wifi...pocket size so I can use it anywhere I go :)

  7. Yo.... So envy! Probably, Wild boar thought you spent too much time infront of the computer than looking at him. lol! haha.... So, that ipod is a reminder! haha... :o) Just blaughing! So nice of him. Btw, roughly how much is it now for the 3rd Generation? Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  8. Kristy...the 3rd generation is about RM790+

  9. wa....cool gift...I hint hint to my "wild boar" also tarak ...hehehe

  10. Kathy....hahaha mine is 3rd generation ...he will give you the 4th generation wan :)

  11. Elin, do you have any more "wild boar" to introduce to me???? so nice of him.. the last line, I thought you were going to say "him" but it was "it" instead.. haiyoh.. hahaha...

  12. Claire....I knew you would say that :p


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