Thursday, January 27, 2011

Capsicum Meat Patties

Josh is back for the festive holidays and so it is back to meat patties , meat burgers and anything meat ....I have two carnivores in the house right now so have to put on the thinking cap on how to prepare the meat in the fridge. I have beef, chicken and pork all stored up in the freezer.  For dinner I prepared some capsicum meat patties for him and the Wild Boar and guess who is the happiest ?  Of course , the Wild Boar !  For I have been cooking more veggies and fish dishes the past weeks, trying to wean him off meat and for the next 7 days , he will get to eat meat...and he has Josh to thank for :p

These patties are the simpliest  to make for your family and it is full of flavor too. The meat patties are packed with diced red and green capsicum, minced garlic and seasoned with chicken stock powder , cayenne powder and corn flour.  Pan fried them in olive oil and the aroma from the sizzling meat filled the air , bringing the Piggies to the kitchen :)  whoa....their smelling organs are in good condition :p

I used the aromatic oil drippings  
from the meat patties to cook some shredded
chinese cabbage for the meat patties . 

these patties not only look colorful but taste good too :)

Josh loves this simple yet tasty meat patties
and the Wild Boar had a good time feasting them too LOL!
 after not giving him meat for the past week

Capsicum Meat Patties

Ingredients :

300 gm minced meat  ( chicken, beef or pork )
1/2 green capsicum - diced
1/2 red capsicum - diced
3 pips of garlic - minced
1 tbsp of corn flour
1 tsp of cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp of chicken stock powder

1/2 chinese cabbage - cut into strips
sea salt

To prepare the chinese cabbage:

Cut the chinese cabbage into strips. Use the aromatic oil drippings from the meat patties to saute the chinese cabbage in the grill pan. Lightly stir fry till cooked. Add sea salt to taste before dishing up and served them as base for the meat patties.

To prepare the meat patties :

Put all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Stir them vigorously till well combined . Shape them into small patties and pan fried them in olive oil on a grill pan till both sides are browned and cooked. Served the cooked patties on the cabbage lined dish.

Enjoy !

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  1. Mmm....delicious. I love patties...good way to hide vegetables :D I had just bought a packet of mince just now intending to make patties. We must be thinking at the same wavelength...haha

  2. What a flavorful and unique dish! Sounds delicious!

  3. Wow your meat patties look really juicy and delicious. It just sounds so simple to make. I know my family is going to love this :)

  4. I like this love try with ground chicken, looks soooo good!

  5. Elin! I've missed you. These capsicum patties look delicious :) Can I have some?

  6. Delicious! Meatballs/patties are a favourite of mine. This is making me so hungry! Your pineapple tarts look so beautiful! I love how you made them into heart shapes :D

  7. That patty is different yet delicious! I am thinking of using up my ground turkey to make these patties ... thank you for the inspiration!!

  8. these sound yummy and your tarts are lovely!

  9. A great way to get myself to eat capsicum. My hubs and I are huge meat eaters =)

  10. I would be very happy too if somebody would cook that for me...but so sad! Nobody! Sobssss!!!!!

  11. thanks for your patties idea, i think patties are so verstaile, can be filling for buns, can also do with spaghetti and even for snacking!

  12. Capsicum is something I wanted to try out! So coincidence that by the time I have the ingredients but can not cook them cause my hubby & the kids were having chicken pox! The elderly said it is no good taking cucumber spises becaue it's poisonous for chicken pox carrier.
    Thanks so much for sharing it. Will try to get the capsicum next time. :o)
    Cheers, Kristy

  13. Mary....haha yea...we were thinking on the same wavelengh :)

    Sommer....yea it is...simple and easy and full of flavor :) thanks for dropping by :) You have a great blog :)

    Tes.....yess it is :) hope your family will like it :)

    Dee can use chicken, beef or even turkey will taste good :)

    Roxan....miss you too. Glad you are back and more cooking and baking and more recipe sharing.

    Sharon....haha , I love anything heart shapes :) Glad you like the heart shaped pineapple tarts :)

    Kate....yessss..turkey meat would be fine. It would taste even better :)

    Lisa....thanks :)

    Ann....meat eater? hahaha I have two who are meat eaters at home :)) Capsicum has a nice fragrant and it is sweet too :)

    Arthur....I shall tell Mrs. Arthur that :p

    Lena....patties are such versatile finger food :) Your gals will love them :)

    Kristy...ohhh this is news to me. I never knew that capsicum is bad for chicken pox. Thanks for the info :) Take care and have a great time baking for CNY :)

  14. I have a carnivore at home too and I'm sure that he'll be very happy if I make these yummy looking meat patties.

    btw, I guess you've missed out the comment that I left in your blog few days ago. anyway, I was saying that I do not have the book "Around My French Table", and so I won't be able to tell you whether there are any repeated recipes or not. :-)

    Happy new year to you and your family too! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  15. Hi Piggy....yea I must have missed that out :p thanks. Same to you and hope you will like this meat patties :)

    I am looking forward to more delectable goodies from your blog :)

    Have a good and enjoyable CNY in Taiwan :)


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