Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sayonara. さよなら。- For The Time Being :)

The time has finally arrived....the send off is inevitable...:)  I know for sure I will miss her and she will miss me  :)  Her plane was 2am , so we decided to have a beer party for her before we send her off  * wink . Well, actually while waiting for our buffet dinner to start at 7pm , we dropped in at the hotel lounge to have a glass of beer...for the weather was so hot...scorching hot !  We had a very happy time together before the send off . A toast to her every undertakings from now on. Have fun dear Jo :) 

We stayed at Concorde Inn, KLIA for the night ,  too lazy to go out anywhere for dinner , we decided to have dinner at the ' Melting Pot ' , Concorde Inn and the food was just alright. Anyway , not much photos were taken as I was giving my last motherly lecture advice to Jo before the send off ...LOL! nay I was just holding on to the last  moment with her :p

a wide spread of delicious  food but no mood for the food
at that moment :p 

my first helping

2nd helpings

3rd helping before I attacked the dessert..
sorry busy chatting with Jo , I did not take any of the cakes
they have a wide range of cakes and tarts for dessert :)

After dinner, we went back to rest in our rooms , and then at 10.30pm we left for the airport which was just 3 minutes away. Parked our car , then moved on to level 5 . Checked in her luggages . We were so relieved that her luggages was within the weight allowed. Emmirates allowed 40kg for students in two separate bags. Her back pack weighs 7.7 kg . A change of clothings ( incase of emergency) 2 novels to read while on the 17 hours flight and her notebooks ( one notebook and one netbook ) Don't ask why so heavy....

She will arrive in Manchester at 9pm ( Malaysian time ) 12pm ( Manchester time)
5th June 2010 and I am waiting anxiously now for her to call me upon her safe landing :)
while I post up this send off episode :p

* A special thank you to JO's Bunny for driving us all to KLIA :)

*       *      *


  1. Elin, I can tell you missed Jo already before she actually leaves.

    Don't worry....

  2. Don't worry, I know she knows how to take care herself, right?

  3. Jo's bunny Jo's boyfriend? Jo is going alone without him? Elin, don't worry, Jo is very independent. When I first left home to study ages ago, my parents stayed up the while night, couldn't sleep worrying and missing me....and so many years down the road, they looked back that day and laughed at themselves!

  4. she'll be ok Elin...we worry to much when they are enjoying themselves. but of course this is easier said than done......but honestly Jo looks like a very sensible young lady so all will be well. :))

  5. All the best to Jo! She'll be alright and you'll have an excuse to go to Manchester to visit her.

  6. So, daddy also cry or not? hehe... I know mommy sure cry on the spot. She's a grown up lady she'll know what to do. You take care too!
    Have a good night sleep!

  7. Dont cry too much ya. Time flies. Sekejap aje Jo will be back.

    The squid and the meat must have been very delicious. 3rd heaping of the same thing

  8. All the best for your girl's undertaking!:)

  9. Aw, your little girl is growing up! I know you miss her but she seems like a very responsible young woman and I'm sure she will thrive in Manchester.

  10. Hi Elin, Jo will be fine. I can tell you already miss her.

  11. oh..she left already. I know you are going to miss her a lot but don't worry, UK is not too far and you can always fly over to see her. Best wishes to you Joanna

  12. Sobs...sobs...welcome to the club! But don't worry - she'll be fine. Mine's not as independent and out-going - if she can manage so well, I'm sure Joanna will too. She'll be home in no time at all...

  13. Angie...I am already feeling the emptiness...though she will be back in no time but I will take a few more days to get used to the idea of her on the other side of the earth ! :p

    Little Inbox..yup she is capable of taking care of herself...the trouble lies with me..I miss her :(

    Quinn...yup Bunny is the boy. He will be going to UK at the end of August :) I am not worried about Jo..she is caapable of looking after herself. Trouble is I miss her and not the other way round LOL! right you got more experience than me with your gal in US haha. Yup in a day or two she will forget all about us back home :p I miss her coz she is my only gal and we do things together and laugh together :p Aduh...I am the sentimental one !

    Biren...thanks for the best wishes...hopefuly I will be able to go over for a visit :)

    Kristy darling...yup the dad eyes are red but holding the tears though..I am the one shedding shamelessly :p

    Kathy...yup, I stop crying now coz thinking how much she is enjoying herself..looking out for bookshops :p I save my tears then :(

    Alice...thanks foryour best wishes :)

    Judy...yup sheis grown more a baby but to me she will always be my baby and you are right...she will looking around for bookshops and forgotten about us back home for a moment :))

    Madin...I am already missing her :(

    Gertrude...yup she left and has arrived safely there :) Now enjoying the beautiful sunny cool warther and beautiful scenery :) Thanks for your best wishes :)

    STP.....sobz sobz ...hey you are right, I will have to join you..your gal in New Zealand !!! Guess, they will forget about us soon :(

    Wenn...thanks for your best wishes :)

  14. Elin,
    It's always hard when someone goes away so far 'cos you know you can't just go see them whenever you want. I feel the same when my mum goes to HK, although I may not see her sometimes for a week or two when in UK.
    I had to laugh when you said "..sunny cool weather..." yesterday in UK was very hot and humid - not our usual weather at all and it eventually turned to rain - heavy too at times! Still, I'm sure it's cooler than Malaysia heat!

    I hope Jo has a rewarding experience on her studies here and it's always a good excuse for you to visit her. What is she studying may I ask?

  15. Hi PlumLeaf...haha she said it is sunny but not humid like Malaysia...cooling but this morning it was raining it seems.

    She is there to finish her final semester in Materials Engineering. It is an affliation with her Malaysia college. Have to finish it in UK to get the degree. Summer top up program. She will be there for 4 mths after which she will tour euro and scotland for a mth then back to Malaysia. Hopefully to do her Masters or PhD :) You from UK ? :)

  16. Yes Elin, I'm from UK, born and bred (chinese origin though).
    Very much cooler and fresher today, rain is forecast but I am 30miles morth of London, probably about 200miles south of Manchester.
    Yeasterday was indeed very hot - I had to help out at my Mum's chinese take-away in a hot kitchen! Am glad for today's cool weather!

    Jo won't be away for very long then! I don't really know Manchester - but I know it has a chinatown so she can get her fix of chinese food and dimsum! I like Scotland - very green and beautiful and generally very friendly people. There are lots of places she could go in Europe too.

  17. Hi PlumLeaf...haha but you know even a month is far too long for me LOL!
    Yup actually I am making a big fuss out of it..time flies in no time she will be back but remember she will be going away again after graduation...haha so I beta start to moan and groan now so as I don't feel it when she really go away again :(

    Yup, since she is there, told her go tour euro and scotland now that the pound and euro is slightly down :) your mom has a chinese take away shop :) I must visit then if I ever travel there :) Will drop you a line then :)

  18. Lovely post. I am sure your daughter will have a wonderful time in Manchester.

    Seems like World Cup fever is alive and well where you eat. Looks like some tasty grub.


  19. Dear Elin!
    Separations are only as long as they last!
    Luckily enough, in the Internet Age, there is no real "さよなら"!
    Best regards,

  20. Lazaro...yesss...she said the place is beautiful and I am sure she is enjoying herself very much over there :)

    Robert ...thank God for today's technology..we can chat on skype and c each other thru the Window :))

  21. I really can;t believe the blogger is so young...your food always let me feel homesick

  22. Oh, sorry Elin! I'm SO, SO late for this ... Oops ...

    Hey, no worries lah! Agreed with Quinn. When I left my parents for the States 3 years ago, my parents also had trouble going into sleep for a few nights ... My mom was the worst, for a few weeks. I left them in January. I only made my first phone call home in early February (which was during CNY btw.) So ... Hahaha! Evil daughter.

    But you know what, we know Jo can do more than that ... She can handle everything very well. I spoke so much to her at the meet-up. I sincerely hope she'll have the best of her lifetime whilst being a student there! Trust me, it's gonna be a great living classroom! So much exposure in another alien culture! That's the best part of studying abroad!

    I'll check Jo's blog whenever I can ... been busy and sick lately lah ...

    You take care woh till then! Hope to see you again ... K?

  23. Elin,did not visit your blog for sometime. Tried your tofu patties and was nice. Thank you.

    My daughter went to study in New Castle some three years ago - also a 9 month's study for a degree. Now working in London.

    I had the same feelings as you while she went away. Well, you would be back to normal after a couple of weeks.


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