Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Pot /Steamboat Just For 2 :)

Last weekend, I just don't feel like eating rice , so I told Daddy " Hey, let's have hot pot, we the local here called it the steamboat . And surprisingly he said " Yessss.... " LOL! So, we went out early on Saturday morning to do our marketing and bought our favourite food for the steamboat. Needless to say, yours truly has been set free from the cholesterol diet list, which I put myself on , thus get to enjoy some seafood and favourite arteries clogging kidneys , mud crabs , clams and shrimps. My cholesterol reading came out to be 4.3 perfect for my age :p so I can well afford to indulge in all these sinfully rich food. As my motto for this year is ..." eat in moderation " don't deprive myself of these arteries clogging goodness and die an unhappy woman...LOL!  The most important thing is the chicken broth for the steamboat and the chilli sauce for the cooked ingredients. Since , we both wanted something simple and yet nutritious, so opted for the chicken broth with soloman's seal  ( yuk chok ) and fresh cordyceps and a tablespoon of wolberries. As for my family, another must have item is the garlic oil . The wonderful fragrance of fried garlic truly makes the whole steamboat taste good.  

The clear broth soup in the steamboat pot is placed on a hot plate . This hot plate is useful for steamboat and has been serving us for years . We bought it when the Piggies were young , we used to take them for holidays and we will bring this with us. * shhhh don't tell the hotel management people .......now we used it for steamboat mainly ** Steamboat for just the two of us...the two lovebirds  oldies at home :P   Steamboat just for two can be fun too.....eat and chat of old times and walking down memory lane can be sweet at times.  The best thing about steamboat is the fellowship not just the food before us...that is secondary of course LOL! and for me a time of shooting away with my cam.  Dad cooked and I eat...can ? hehehehe

fresh enokitake and grey and white oyster mushrooms
a must have for steamboat

2 mud crabs, 10 shrimps and half a kilo of clams and
some edible jelly fish

beef balls, fish balls and stuffed tofu from the famous mee stall in Ipoh
and we have pork tenderloin, kidneys , liver and chicken fillets

the shrimps were fresh ...drizzle with the garlic oil....my gosh it was good :)
sweet and the texture was springy !

the crabs was so sweet...yummyummm

the cooked kidneys were delicious....I normally won't indulge in this
but since I have not eaten this for sometime, thought I will indulge
for this once.....* tongue sticking out in guilt

the jelly fish tasted good too.....wobbly and yet springy and so fresh !

and this is my favourite...I ate the whole 1/2 kilo of clams..so sweet
and the clam is meaty too...really satisfied my craving for seafood :p

and since the weather was hot...a glass of cold beer to
finish off the scrumptious dinner........
I love steamboat...coz I can sit back and relax 
coz there is one cute oldie to
cook for me..hehehee

* To my Piggies..this is what we had last Saturday ........
have fun drooling here and guess how much
you both have missed .....LOL ! wicked momsie here
send her love through these pictures :p * I can't push back my tongue
for I stick them out so often **

*       *       *


  1. So this is how much you 'miss' us :( I'm so so touched. Hahahahaha. I want this when I come home !!! Crabs and all !! I demand ! I demand ! LOL. Looks so yummy ...

  2. Oh what a spread for the steamboat, I love it!

  3. This is just for 2, wor, so many "liew", look at that crab, I wish I can try some, hehehe..I going to make steamboat at home soon after see this..

  4. Hi
    so fascinating to read such romantic times both you guys shared, while the kids are away. Love is in the air, so envious of you , yummy food and lovely company and cold beer to finish off, heavenly...
    thanks for sharing

  5. I love hot pot! And the soup that comes after. I'm hungry already!

  6. I prepared a simple steamboat for our Sunday dinner too. Of course, not as much seafood like yours. :(

  7. all the goodies in a bowl, how delicious and a nice cold beer to boot...good to treat yourself once in a while...

  8. What a feast! It's good to see that you are enjoying some of your "alone" time right now. This dish looks like a fabulous way to do it.

  9. Now I know I am not the only one doing steamboat for 2 at home. The food looks great. :)

  10. really clever to tarn... so romantic too.. sipping beer entangled with each other arms..hahaha...

  11. Wow, this steamboat can feed more than 2 persons. Like Claire said, you know how to 'tarn'!

  12. wa...steamboat for two person so much liu ah

  13. I have never heard of a steamboat before but sign me up for one! all that great seafood....yuummmm

  14. Hot Pot, always a favourite. I'm with you when it comes in total indulging on food, like what you said, in moderation. Now I want some hot pot.

  15. Jo....haha okay okay okay...will have all your favourites to celebrate your homecoming but by then you may not want this anymore...LOL!

    Jess...haha looks greedy with such a large spread of food :p

    Sonia...I am sure your family will love it especially the kids :)

    Kitlaura...heehee not romantic , just that at times the house is so quiet , just the two of us , so a good steamboat affair is good for us :)) Glad you enjoy my crappings :)

    Belinda...thanks for always dropping by to drool :)

    Little Inbox...this is not much ...just a few varieties only :p

    Drick..yup I agree with you..once in a while we have to pamper ourselves to something good :)

    CC...great to see you here :) yup a good way to eat and fellowship together :)

    Soo Sean....haha dun worry...enjoy the food better with just two :p

    Claire....hahaha did you hear what Drick said...must pamper ourselves once in a while :p

    Cheah...haha you can also have hot pot with hubby...like me just the two of you :p

    Kathy....dun be jeles...you too can have your own little steamboat affair with hubby and Joshua :))

    Chef Dennis..oh then you must try it. All you have to do is have a pot of chicken broth over a hot plate and just cook the food on the table. Eat and fellowship at the same time :)

    Madin....haha I am so glad you are with me LOL! eat in moderation is the best motto :)

  16. You're one wicked mom!! Haha! How could you tempt the Piggies like that!!!??? Look at all the goodies!

    Happy Dragon Boat Festival!! Eat more dumplings arr ...

  17. i wish i was there.... this is the kinda of hotpot my sister and i will definitely go for. We might just fo this next week as we're all getting together for a big 40! Brillant having the crabs shellfish ...can't imagine the broth. How fantastic it all looks and i 'm sure it was fantastic!
    Thank you :)

  18. Pei Lin....LOL! I am I am , the best wicked momsie leh * wink . This is the only way to push her to cook for herself when she salivate over here > See ! now she cooks for herself delicious food over in Sheffield ! Same to you " Happy Dumpling Day " to you and family.

    Lishapisa....:) you are welcome !

    Ann...haha sorry to have create this craving in you :p


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