Thursday, June 10, 2010

Enokitake In Chicken Herbal Soup

This is a simple yet full of nutrition kinda soup . Enokitake  is such  a versatile mushroom. You can have them in stir fry, in sukiyaki ( hot pot ) or in soup.  I added them to my chicken herbal soup and it tasted fantastic. I double boiled the chicken herbal soup for 1.5 hr and I added the bunch of enokitake into the sweet scented herbal soup and I tell you it is heavenly after a hard day at work. This would be great for a cold and wet night. I wish I could fedex it to Jo  :p  She told me the weather was cold and wet since she arrived. Poor darling...and here the wicked Momsie is teasing her with this delicious steamy hot soup ;p . I told her to have hot mushroom soup  for the time being and to keep herself  warm :)

This soup can be prepared a day earlier. For me, I double boiled them the nite before. When it cools down , I keep them in the fridge. I just have to heat them up and add in the enokitake when dinner time comes. Easy...isn't it ?  I prefer to double boil chicken herbal soup , for I like the clarity of the soup rather then direct boiling , the soup will be cloudy.  

You can serve this soup with vermicelli or  ' mee suah ' is real comfort food when you feel like eating anything too heavy or when one is not feeling well. For the chicken herbal soup, I used 1/2 free range chicken , 1 tbsp of  'kei chi ' ( wolfberry )  and 10 pieces of  'yuk chuk'   (soloman's seal  ) and double boiled it for 1.5 hrs....Mmmmmm  a bowl of slurrrrrpy hot steaming soup !

with enokitake added ....mmmm a bowl of steaming hot delicious-ness

I like the fragrance of the chinese herbs infused into the soup

enokitake is rich in  antioxidant .....I would love to have at least one a week  :)

Enokitake In Chicken Herbal Soup

Ingredients for soup :

1/2 free range chicken - removed the skin and cut into 3 pieces
1 tbsp of ' kei chi ' / wolfberries
10 pieces of 'yuk chuk' / soloman's seal
2 soup bowls of hot water

sea salt to taste

enokitake -  washed and cleaned


Place all the soup ingredients except the enokitake into a porcel soup pot . Cover with a lid and double boil it for 1.5 hrs. Add in the enokitake and salt.  It can be taken alone as a soup or as a soup base for vermicelli or any noodles.

Enjoy !

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  1. a very simple and nuitrition herb soup, I cook herb soup at least twice in a week, but i use the pre-mix package, next time I also want to cook this way.

  2. I cook this too but I boil it instead of double-boiling and I didn't add enokitake. Going try this next time.

  3. I really like the pictures of this soup. Light and healthy. Can't beat that!

  4. I like the enoktake mushrooms both stir-fried and in soups. In winter, these mushrooms are perfect to do the satay hotpot...simply marvellous.

  5. mmmh....I love Chicken Soup! =) I would really love Herbal Chicken soup!!!!

  6. Mushroom in soup always the best combo because it will brings out flavour especially the sweetness of the soup. Anymore left for me? hehe.... I love eating my rice with soup(sounds like a kid huh!) and I always do! Hope you're having a pleasant evening.
    Good night friend,

  7. I love this soup. Looks so clear and healthy!

  8. Just a lovely soup. Wonderful job!


  9. I can have this everyday even for breakfast. so good for us! love those mushroom, going to get some for my seaweed soup tonight

  10. Simple and delicious! I love the taste of enokitake mushrooms and I usually use them in stir-fries.

  11. nice reminder on double boiling for clarity - too few do that when making broth

  12. I love enokitake also. I use it to stir-fry, to cook with miso soup and to cook with tofu. I should try to cook like yours too. :)

  13. Nice, clear soup. But I've never tried adding in the enokitake mushrooms, should do so in future.

  14. Hi Sonia, Blessed Homemaker, Kathy, Mother Rimmy, Angie , Miranda , Kristy , Anncoo, Lazaro, Lishapisa , Madin, Ann , Drick , Little Inbox and Cheah....

    thanks for dropping by and left me a comment here for me. I love all your comments and continuous support. This soup is really nice and I hope you will try it out with the enokitake added. The taste is absolutely sweet and delish :) Double boiling the soup is the best method of making chicken broth. The clarity is there :)

    Have a great weekend to all of you :)


  15. That's a great idea to use leftover to make the stuffing. Your herb soup simply delicious and healthy too!

  16. Grace...thanks :) I too love all your cakes that you have baked recently and I am so glad that you are back with us again :)

  17. Dear Elin!
    A suggestion for you:
    Roll a small bunch tightly inside a thin and long slice of pork and fry it with your favourite sauce!

  18. Robert...arigato...I will remember that:) I know it will taste good..wrap-turous delicious ")


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