Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Hearty Korean Meal @ Ho Kyang, The Gardens

I made a short trip to KL with Piggy Jo last Wednesday and after she had her things done, we went to The Gardens to have our late lunch. And we both agreed in unison to have korean food lol! We both love korean food.  And Piggy Jo recommended me to have this Jing Eo Bokem that comes in a set with rice, soup and side condiments of kimchi and anchovies that looks great. Piggy Jo ordered her favourite Kimchi Jji Gae. She is a kimchi lover :p

This place is just opposite the Cold Storage and is run by a korean couple if I am not mistaken- Jo used to frequent this place with her coursemate nd she loves this place...ahem now I know she was not starved of good food after all :p The place is Ho Kyang and they have very good korean dishes and their pricing is quite fair. Good service rendered too. I got another free helping of the side condiments...see what I mean. Their Burmese waiter just served us another helping of their side condiments ....awwww so nice and sweet of him :))  I will definitely go there again for my korean food.

Oh by the way, I have made kimchi before and have cooked Kimchi Jji Gae for my Jo using homeade kimchi. 

this is the side codiments they served with the  food we ordered

this is Jo's Kimchi Jji Gae. I cooked this for her once but 
of course this tasted much much better

this my Jing Eo Bokem...looks how succulent the squids are
and this was well prepared...tasty and delicious and a big portion too!

this is the bowl of rice that came with the set we ordered
healthy meal I would say :)

this is the wakame soup....nice!!

Seafood Pa Jeon

this is not !!!! This is our dessert 
We love this pancake crispy on the outside...
with lots of squid rings and chives
We love this pancake !!! 

And you won't believe it...after this heavy meal we went for our second round
of dessert.... Gelato Frutti...a must have for us whenever we are in MidValley :)))

Have a great weekend and will blog about it later :)

*        *       *


  1. Lucky you! Maybe it's a little rush but good. At least , you enjoyed the lunch there. Is it an one day trip?

  2. really like tidbits leh.. i prefer your meals anytime!

  3. Last I visited, the place was fully run by foreign workers. No, NOT Korean.
    I wonder where did the lady go ...

    Still, the food is reasonable, this being at the Gardens after all.

  4. Awesome food! Korean food is one of my best....just delicious.

  5. Hi Kristy...I enjoyed lunch at the Gardens and yesss...a one day trip and I will have to run up and down to KL keeping Jo company as she prepares for her trip to UK :)) so more good food for me lol! Piggy or not :p

    Hi Claire....let's exchange then lol!

    Hi James...oh this place is still manned by a korean lady and she was there supervising her staff when we were having our lunch...and the chef is korean. the rest of the staff are Indon and Burmese. And congrats you have made it once again! I am proud of you as always lol! not always invited as guest writer for a famos blogger like RasaMalaysia. She is picky of her guests and you have made Ipoh poud. Keep up the good work. As stated by Claire, as a reward we will take you out for makan * wink , if you don't mind the company of 'old aunties ' . After Jo goes off to UK we will meet up. I have been busy running up and down KL just to have her visas and stuff done. We will meet up for sure after that. Meantime continue to write good stuff for us. Your name has become a household name now. Whenever we want to eat out we will refer to you for! See what I mean I am sure all Ipohans do that now :p

    Hi Mary....we are love shrimps and korean dishes and me too! Looking forward to more sharing with you :) Have a great weekend :))

  6. You and Jo, I could tell are very close. Mother and daughter time in Mid Valley suounds like a hell lot of fun! I love wakame soup too, that's like the only soup they have in Korea when we went there for vacation last time.

  7. Hi are you keeping ?:))) was fun ...we are like two school gals playing truant...on eating spree lol! We are that close...I took a day off just to keep her company and needless to say....the best relaxation ever for me!


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