Monday, November 3, 2008

Steamed Egg Custard

Silky textured steamed egg custard are hard to achieve and I have been trying for years to get it right but to no avail until I read from mykitchensnippets blog :) Before this, my colleague taught me to go by the ratio of 1 egg to 1 egg shell of water…still can’t get the silky texture. But thanks to Gert for sharing her recipe and tips , I was able to achieve it finally :))

I used century eggs ( I love century eggs ) and crabstick instead and it turned out yummilicious. It must be served hot and the best ever steamed egg custard I had ever came across. Now I can add this silky textured steamed egg custard to my dinner menu :p

Easily digestible and easy to prepare and it is delicious too ^_____*


  1. this is absolutely perfect...its like heaven in a bowl

  2. I am glad it turn out well for you. This is my fav kind of food especially in the cold weather. What I like about this is you can eat a lot without feelling guilty :)

  3. Looks delicious (minus those century old eggs for me - I am not a big fan of them).

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. @doggybloggy: Yup,it's deliciousnes is heaven:)

    @Gert: Haha yup, the double the portion and had 2 bowls all to myself :))))

    @ sharon: :) it is mouthwatering especially when taken hot. Its silky texture is enuf to make you wanna try it out. Heehee century old eggs not everyone likes the taste ^*

  5. Great recipe! really love century eggs myself, especially in porridge!

  6. ooh, i remember you used to cook these for lunch when we come back from school....yumz....

  7. Hey Piggy gal,

    Those days , I couldn't make it this nice. The texture was hard and not as nice as this time..heehee even then you said it was nice and yummz..haha wait this cuming sem break ,I gonna steam again for you and you compare then and now.... you shld thank Aunty Gert for sharing such a wonderful recipe ;)

  8. They do look beautifully silky! I've wanted to make savory egg custards for awhile. Thanks for the link to the recipe!

  9. Beautiful ! on the safe side to prevent the top to overcook - medium heat and saran wrap the top.
    CookNg Sisters


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