Friday, November 14, 2008

Pork Belly Sandwiched With Yam Slices

This was my mom’s favourite dish. The Chinese named this dish ‘Gow Yoke ’ . It is a dish whereby slices of pork belly sandwiched between slices of yam marinated with ‘ nam yee ‘ aka fermented red beancurd . Most chinese families love this dish.

I finally managed to cook this dish as close to my mom’s cooking, taste wise it was deliciously yummy. A lot of work though, but the end result was a dish that I will make again this weekend coz it was good and I know for sure Piggy gal will loves it :))

Pork Belly Sandwiched With Yam Slices


1 whole yam –peeled and cut into 1.5 in square sizes
-fry the cut yam in hot oil for 5 minutes and drained off oil
A strip of ½ kg lean pork belly with the skin on
1 tbsp of thick black sauce
Dash of white pepper

Marinade sauce:

4 pieces of fermented red beancurd aka ‘nam yee’
5 pips of garlic – chopped finely
2 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp of sugar
1 tbsp of fermented soybean aka ‘tow cheong’
1 cup of water


Mixed the above marinade ingredients together and leave it aside for twenty minutes .

Meanwhile, clean the pork belly and put in hot boiling water till half cook. Take it out and seasoned with thick black sauce and white pepper. Use a fork and poke on the surface of the pork belly to let the sauce infiltered into the meat.

Heat up wok, add a tbsp of oil and lightly fry the strip of meat till cook. Take it out and sliced into 1.5 in square sizes to fit the yam slices. Sandwiched a slice of pork belly with two slices of yam. Do the same to the rest of the meat till all the meat are used up. Arrange them neatly in a bowl. Pour the prepared marinade sauce onto the pork belly yam sandwiches . Cover the bowl with aluminium foil and steamed it for 60 minutes on high flame. Serve it hot with rice.




  1. This is one dish that most older style restaurant will serve to its customers. Now only a few outlets have it. I like it especially when the yam is very 'furn'.

  2. This is my fav dish especially the yam. Seeing your dish I think I wanted to make some once I get some good yam :)

  3. I have never heard of this before. It sure does look very interesting! I heart old-style Chinese home cooked meal.

  4. I have never heard of this before. It sure does look very interesting! I heart old-style Chinese home cooked meal.

  5. My mother's specialty too! Everytime I ate the yam and gravy only. ;)

  6. @cklam: I love the yam too if it is 'furn'. In Ipoh many restaurants still serve this dish, but not as nice as homecooked coz their meat has more fat. I prefer lean meat with a bit of fat :) I do love this dish!

    @ Gert : You are like me, love chinese food ^ *

    @ Jun: Hi Jun, thanks for dropping by..try cooking it and I am sure you will love it :))

    @ food for tots : Hi, thanks for dropping by. The gravy makes the yam more delicious with the flavor infused into the yam...hmmm yummy :)

  7. Thanks for this recipe. My hubby's favourite. I tried it once and I forgot all about how to make it. Glad I found the recipe now!! Thanks.

  8. Hi simplefood,

    You are welcome, hope ur hubby will love it.

  9. 芋头扣肉..i wanna cry..seriously...
    I cant believe seen this post here.
    My mom's is the best. Now I see the recipe here...I wanna try it for sure.

  10. Elinluv you must be a Asian fans. Your food all have Asian taste. Btw the food's name translation very nice. Love your blog


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