Monday, November 10, 2008

Olive Oil And Fresh Thyme Salad Dressing

I concocted this salad dressing recently and surprisingly the ingredients sort of intergrated well with each other. It has a nice fragrance and goes well the salad.

Olive Oil And Fresh Thyme Salad Dressing


5 tbsp of olive oil,
some fresh thymes,
¼ red bell pepper ( chopped fine)
3 pips of garlic (chopped fine)
Some lemon juices
Salt to taste


Mixed the ingredients together in a bowl and leave it to infuse together for an hour before using them on the salad.

Salad : - Curly endives, green coral lettuce, green zucchini, red bell pepper, carrots and cherry tomatoes.

I have been tagged by Happy Homebaking to write this meme ….7 facts about myself :))

1. I love food …from A-Z…thus baking and cooking have become a hobby I will not give up. If I don’t get to cook or bake it will be same as not having the internet , I will suffer from withdrawal syndrome :) I am adventurous when it comes to trying out new recipes. I am addicted to bun baking lately..thus buns have become our daily bread much to the dismay of Daddy coz he has to help finish eating them whether it is good or not :) But ain’t he suppose to support me in everything I do…for better or for worse ? ^___*

2. I took my driving test at the age of 38 but today the driving licence is just for showcase purposes and help in the country’s revenue...heehee I don’t drive coz most drivers here are either color blind or they don’t value their lives….I value mine :))))
I remembered , when I first got my licence , I drove my Piggies and their friends for their tuition ( a need for asian students ) nearby , and I heard this comment from one of the kids“ Jo, your mom drives like a snail ” kids say the darndest things and from then onwards they never get into our car when I am the one driving ! :(

3. I am a very practical woman, to me money are hard earned , so have to be careful on how I spend my money….buy only when there are sales on material items and I told my Piggies that they can stinge on material things but NEVER on FOOD. I taught them from young, so that they know the value of money . Mommy will only buy them clothes or shoes when there are sales ( if there is a need for them ) and I remembered one day, many years back ,when Piggy gal was about four years old, we went shopping and I held her hand and we walked into this shop that sell branded shoes…and she just burst out “ Mommy, this shop got sales meh ” ???? To my embarrassment, the sales girl was nearby…I wished I could hide inside a dark hole then, for kids say the darndest things :))))

4. I day dream most of the time.The most embarrassing thing I have ever experienced in my whole life so far, was to get into the wrong car and caused the car driver and her kids to become hysterical and their screams woke me from my day dreaming. I thought those two kids were mine and I got in and adjusted my marketing bag nicely and sat down without looking at the driver. When they realized a stranger in their car, they screamed thinking I wanted to rob them.
I apologized and got out of the car in the fastest record ever . My Piggies and hubby were having a good time laughing their heads off. I could have knocked their heads off for not calling out to me when they saw me getting into that car…but later we all had a good laugh over it.

5. I can never watch a movie or drama until the ending without dozing off. My Piggy boy will check that I have not dozed off in the midst of a movie. He will say “Mom, the idiot box is watching you instead of you watching the idiot box ” !!!

6. I am happiest when….

… Piggies are back for their semester break, doing things together or watching movies with them and

…..when I discovered a new recipe which turned out yummy or I can create a nice dish without using anyone’s recipes

…..when I am at Ikea and MPH cookbook section :)

7. I don't fancy rap ringtones but I grew to love this rap ringtone which my Piggy boy put as his ringtone from goes something like this “ Oh no, it’s your Mama calling, it’s your Mama calling. She is calling not to say anything but to tell you about your dad, about the cat and it goes blah blah blah…..” . He asked me to ring his number and when I heard this…. I burst out laughing . It was the funniest, cutest and coolest ringtone ever.

I hope I have not bored you guys with this sharing (",)

I am tagging the following 7 bloggers, I hope they also have fun with this meme :)

       1. Icook4fun at My Kitchen’s Snippets
2. Pook at Daily Delicious
3. Little Inbox at Makan King & Queen
4. J2kfm at Motormouth of Ipoh
5. Sze-Min at Min’s Blog
6. Shirley Khor at Sweet Like Chocolate

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  1. Thanks for tagging me. :) I have done the similar tag sometime ago. Title : 8 random facts about me

  2. Cool! This sounds fun! Thanks for tagging me *hugs* By the way, nice blog ;)

  3. Thanks for tagging, will get it done when I'm free, hehe...

  4. Thanks for tagging me too...I have done it just now :)

  5. @little inbox: Heehee no prob, thanks. I must have miz that out. Will go read it now :)

    @shirley khor: Thanks, you are so sweet *hugs*

    @min : Thanks, no prob, take your time :)

    @ck lam: Just read your meme...I know you beta now..heehee thanks and congrats for being featured in the Guan Ming Papers!

    Thank you guys for being so supportive :))))

  6. wow, the salad looks mouth-watering !

  7. Hi, I just published my post and thank you for tagging me.
    You can see it here "
    Strawberry Layer Cake: Finally I did it!

  8. Hi Pook,
    Thanks ,you are so supportive..*hugs*


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