Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crispy Calamari Rings With Millets

Calamari can be prepared in many ways and my family loves it fried crisp and crunchy so I deep fried them coated with millets. Other than using millets in cakes, I discovered that it could be used as coating for deep frying. It came out crispy and crunchy at the same time. A delicious finger food with thai chili sauce as dipping and it goes well with wasabi too..heehee I love anything with wasabi yum yum yumz :) ;)

Crispy Calamari Rings With Millets


1 kg thick flesh calamari – cleaned and cut into rings
-drained dry
2 egg whites – beat up

(A- spicy flour)½ cup corn flour
1/3 cup plain flour,
1 tbsp of curry powder,
1 tsp salt

millets for coating


Cleaned and cut the calamari into rings and drained dry. Beat up the egg whites. Meanwhile, mixed ingredients (A) together.

Heat up a wok with oil enough for deep frying , lower the fire when the oil is heated up. Coat the calamari with the spicy flour (A) and dip it in egg whites and coat again with the millets. Drop them into the hot oil and fry till it turned light brown. Take out and serve while still warm , crispy and crunchy. Served with thai chili sauce and wasabi as dippings.



  1. Calamaari rings served with wasabi? Ala Japanese?

  2. hmmmnnn.. i can have calamari anytime.. i've gotta try it with wasabi though! now, you got me curious! :o)

  3. @little inbox: haha you are talking to a wasabi lover... I have 2 tins of wasabi powder brought back from US when hubby went for work cum vacation. So have to finish it before it expired. It goes well with calamari and prawns :))

    @ jescel: Hi jescel, thanks for dropping by. Be adventurous...its gives the calamari more oomph ^ *

  4. I love fried calamari but will never thought of coating it with millets. Thanks for the idea :)


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