Friday, November 28, 2008

Crunchy Fermented Soybean Cake aka Tempeh

Tempeh is actually fermented soybean. Comes in a block of 150mm X 100mm with a thickness of 20mm :) Imported from Indonesia . After my father-in-law’s indonesian maid , Utami , taught me how to eat it the fried way , I learned to love it. As a snack, while watching a drama, dipped in Thai Chili Sauce…mmmmm YUMMZ is the word. Crunchy only if it is sliced thinly and fried in hot oil. Once you started munching on it you won’t want to stop till it is all finished ;p

I sliced it as thin as possible so that it will be crunchy and I make sure the oil is hot before dropping them into the wok and fry them till golden brown. Drain on a paper towel before serving . You can eat it with any dippings of spicy nature. I dipped it with Thai Chili Sauce. The tempeh has a slight nutty flavor...I thought it has a stinky fragrant but nope it has a pleasant taste ,infact, the more you eat the more addicted you become!

Crunchy Fermented Soybean Cake aka Tempeh


1 block of tempeh – sliced thinly
oil for deep frying

Dipping sauce
Thai Chili Sauce


Slice the tempeh as thin as possible. Sprinkle salt on the tempeh. Heat oil and when ready ,deep fry the tempeh till golden brown. Drain it on paper towel.
Served it with dipping sauce of any spicy nature but best dipped with thai chili sauce. Sweet and hot...yummz ^ *

Happy Thanksgiving , everyone !

Be thankful for what we are and what we have ^^



  1. i love tempeh... actually i'm the only one loving it at home. :P

  2. Haven't tried it before bcos I am not a fan of deep-frying. But your tempeh really looks so tempting that I can resist a bite!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to your family n you too!

  3. I love tempe too.
    you might be interesting to try these recipes:

  4. I love tempe. I will fried it and then cook with some sambal and sometime I do eat it straight up after frying.

  5. I love tempeh, they're quite nice fried into thick chewy chunks and eaten with chicken curry. Tastes like fried chicken. Yum

  6. @ Baking Fiend : Welcome to my blog :) Haha not everyone appreciate tempeh. If not for the maidis introduction..I might not appreciate it too :))

    @ Food For Tots : Hi, Happy thanksgiving to you too! Have a bite then ;P

    @ Indonesia-Eats : Welcome and thanks for sharing the links to more tempeh recipes :))

    @ Gert: Haha..I haven't tried eating it with the sambal yet..though I get to see them in the malay stall near my office. Will try it one day :)

    @ Priscilla Chen -Tay : Welcome to my blog. I am beginning to love tempeh too :)

  7. We love tempeh, shall try your easy method of using Thai Chilli Sauce as dipping.


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