Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Deep Fry Brown Tofu With Crunchy Vege Fillings

Who could resist tofu prepared this way. It is light and easy to prepare and can be served as an appetizer coz it will definitely whet up your appetite with the Thai Dipping Sauce.

I attended a pot luck party recently, and this lady brought a big plate full of tofu stuffed with cucumber, radish and carrot shreds. It looks so simple and nothing much to fuss about but the moment we took a bite…goodness it was deliciously yummy that it all diminished in minutes :) Of course, I, being the Piggy of the night, savoured it the most and needless to say, cornered her and asked her how come such a simple dish and yet tasted so good and she was happy to share her recipe with me and the ladies there :)))))

So , here I share with you guys this simple and yet delicious tofu stuffed with cucumber/radish/carrot shreds. The fillings were crunchy and the trick is this. Shred the cucumbers with core removed, radish and carrots finely. Soak in ice water and leave in the fridge for ½ hour , take out and drain dry. Leave it in the fridge till required.

Of course, the best part is this…get the best thai dipping chili sauce ( chicken brand) as shown. This sauce is so far the best and she recommended this brand becoz it is not overly sweet and I agreed with her…it can be used as dips for fried wanton and fried chicken too.

shreds of cucumber, radish and carrots,
a colorful and cheerful combination :)

Could anyone resist this appetizing tofu.??? (",)

the famous Thai Dipping Chili Sauce

Deep Fry Brown Tofu With Crunchy Vege Fillings
6 pieces of brown tofu (cut across diagonally into half)
oil for deep frying

1 small cucumber ( removed core and shredded )
1 small white radish (shredded)
1 small carrot ( shredded)
(Soak the above shredded veg in ice water for ½ hour )

some toasted sesame

Dipping sauce:
Thai Dipping Chilli Sauce ( chicken brand)

Deep fry the cut tofu in 2” of hot oil till lightly browned – drained off oil in paper napkin.
Cool it before cuting a slit and fill it with the above shredded veg . Dribble the stuffed tofu with the dipping sauce and garnish the tofu with the toasted sesame. * Stuff the tofu with the fillings only when about to serve.




  1. Ho ho ho ho...I like to try this out. If I post it, I will link to your recipe here. :)

  2. little inbox: no problem..you will like it..Simple,healthy and yummz :))))

  3. This look so good. I was just thinking of stuff tofu and now you put this up. How did you shread the veggies until so thinly?

  4. Hi Gert,

    I bought one shredder that has a smaller diameter shred hole :)and I slant the cucumber more so that the shred comes out longer. After soaking it in ice water the cucumber shred is much crunchier too.

    Can you get the thai sauce over there? If not, when you come back next year get it from over here :p

  5. Simple yet an interesting recipe.


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