Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Steamed Soft Tofu With Shrimp Paste Toppings

Tofu is one of my favourite food item but not Daddy’s…but , surprisingly, both my Piggies love it ! Whenever we eat out and if it is Chinese food, sizzling tofu will be their first choice :) As long as it is tofu, they don’t mind how it is being prepared.

I have some shrimps in the freezer and I thought I will rustle up something as topping for my tofu using the shrimps. I chopped up the shrimps, added in some chopped scallions and chopped chili . I added sesame oil, white pepper , salt and some cornstarch and stirred all the ingredients together till well mixed. Had the toppings done in a few minutes :))

I love scallions, so I added more of the scallions and I wanted it a bit hot so I also added more of the chopped chili ;))

After steaming the tofu for 15 - 20 minutes in hot boiling steamer, take out the tofu and make a gravy sauce and pour over the hot tofu.


1 slab of soft tofu


10 medium sized shrimps - chopped
some chopped scallions,
some chopped chili
½ tsp corn starch,
½ tsp sesame oil
a dash of white pepper

Mixed the above ingredients together till well incorporated. Lay the topping on the surface of the soft tofu. Steamed for 15 - 20 minutes in hot boiling steamer. Prepare the gravy sauce while waiting for the tofu to be ready.

Gravy sauce for the tofu

1 pip of garlic –chopped finely
1 tbsp oyster sauce
a drop of dark soy sauce
a dash of white pepper
½ cup of water mixed with ½ tsp of cornstarch
½ tbsp of cooking wine

Heat up the kuali with ½ tsp of oil, sauté the garlic for a second,
add in the oyster sauce , dark soy sauce, dash of pepper and stir for a minute .
Then add in the water and cornstarch mixture and the cooking wine.
Pour the liquid from the steamed tofu into the gravy sauce before dishing up the sauce. Pour over the hot steamed tofu and served immediately.

I had the steamed tofu all to myself mmmmm ... it was yummy with the tasty thick gravy infused into the shrimps toppings. It was so easy to prepare and delicious that I will definitely make this again but the next time I will add some minced meat to the shrimp paste . I have a feeling it will taste even better with the added minced meat.



  1. Dear Elin!
    You are becoming Japanese!
    One simple recipe for tofu:
    Put one slab on a a piece of baking paper on the oven plate. Cover it with hot tomato/ketchup sauce, some very finely cut vegetables and covr the lot with shredded cheese:
    Tofu pizza for vegetarians!

  2. Robert, you are a gem! Brillant idea...thanks for the recipe. Will be making it the next round ^ *

    Have a good day :)

  3. Luv your steamed tofu! Yummylicious! I added minced meat, shrimp, carrot, mushroom & waterchessnut on my version. Give it a try!

  4. That looks good, mmm!
    Makes me crave for tofu again.

  5. This looks delicious! Thanks for the add, come visit again soon :)

    BTW - I love the chocolate coconut balls on your logo; I just made some for a friend's birthday recently!

  6. Hi Elin!

    Wonderful tofu recipe..the topping is fundamental and this the case because looks very delicious!!
    I suppose that the cooking wine can be a dry white wine or perhaps rice wine :)

    Cheers for you!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

  7. @ Food For Tots : Hi, Thanks for your shld be delicious with all the extra ingredients..will try it out on the next tofu dish :) Btw, thanks for dropping by.

    @ Ms____2 be : Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment has given me the boost ^ *

    @ chicky*bits : Hey my fren from foodbuzz..nice of u to drop by... you have a great site :)))
    You did the chocolate coconut balls I took the pic from some free site.. one day will ask you for the recipe ;p

    @ Gera: Hi another fren from foodbuzz. Good to see you here :)
    I used chinese cooking rice wine. I guess dry white wine will do :)
    Thanks for dropping and I welcome you to visit my blog again ^ *

  8. Dear Elin!
    I'm preparin a series of articles on tofu!
    Stay tuned!
    All the best!

  9. Thanks Robert. Looking forward to reading your articles on tofu :)

    Never thought of tofu as a baked dish at all...can't wait to try it out :)))


  10. Delicious! This goes onto my list of to-try stuff.

  11. Hi shavedicedsundays ,

    Hope you will like it as I do :)


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