Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bear Sure Knows How To Enjoy Life!

Do you read me, even dog knows how to enjoy life :) When we were all asleep, she jumped onto our sofa and slept there the whole night. Bear Bear is our pet dog and she sure is one lucky girlie (“,)

I caught her sleeping so nicely and comfortably on the sofa one morning and I just couldn’t resist taking a shot of her…so contented and blissful…enjoying the softness of the cushion seat and had a nice rest …I guess, since she had that contented look :))))

Hmmm ...Bear ,you sure know how to enjoy life !



  1. Oooh she is so cute! What name you gave her. Ya..dogs when young they follow you wherever you go coz they thinks you are the mommy..heehehe that's what make them adorable and making those manja manja sound.

    It is good to have a pet..best therapy ever :))))

  2. Oh, he is a male, I just adopted him one month ago. His previous owner called him Tiger, so we just use his original name. So little tiny only called Tiger, LOL!
    Hmm...therapy, yes! The best one! :D

  3. He's a gorgeous dog! Is he only a month old?


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