Monday, November 24, 2008

Banana Shrimp Cake

I have a finger food cookbook by Australian Woman’s Weekly on my book shelf and I have been drooling at the food photos for the umpteenth times and yet I have not tried anything from the book :p, drooling at food photos, people called it the food porn nowadays (“,) can be sinful at times for a food lover like me ! Hee hee I am crapping about finger food and the discovery of how banana can be used to make finger food , besides , cakes and muffins and bread in today's post :)

Ever since I joined foodbuzz, I get to know a lot of foodie friends and visited their excellent blogs. And learning so much from them too . I really have to thank Gertrude for introducing me to Foodbuzz :) * thanks Gertrude . I visited Suanne & Ben's Food and Travel Adventure , whom I have just added as friend , and stumbled upon this Banana Shrimp Cake which they posted up on their blog , boy , can I resist it ?? Nope, I simply can’t RESIST…coz I just have to know how the taste would be like…shrimp on bananas!!!! Common, I am the adventurous type…why wait , thus the appearance of it on my blog today :)))))

I thought its kinda messy but is in fact easy after a few tries. The trick is to coat a few pieces at a time then immediately fry it instead of waiting to coat all the pieces then only fry them , to avoid the bread crumb becoming soggy .

Wow…can I resist these golden brown banana shrimp cake that looks like little gold nuggets ? Of course, have to wait for it to cool down before I can get to take my first bite into this little gold nugget :)

This wonderful little piece cut open for your eyes only.... tempting enough to make you want to try it out yourself ? Crunchy on the outside, sweet taste from the banana then comes the savouriness of the shrimp...mmmmmm needless to say a yummilicious finger food. Good for bringing to potlucks and parties as they have stated in their blog. It goes well with any kind of sauce dips. first thought..can shrimp and banana go together??? the end result.. YES ,it can in this case :)



  1. Banana & shrimp? I never know these 2 can mix become a dish.

  2. Glad that you joined Foodbuzz :) I am so going to try out this dish. Two of my fav ingredients and I can taste it in my mouth by just looking at it now :)

  3. Hi little Inbox,

    I had the same thought as you at first...shrimp and banana...but worth trying coz it is unique , crunchy outside, sweet and savoury on the inside..haha the fusion is great.

  4. Hi Gert,

    Haha I am happy with foodbuzz, no regrets joining..hehe get to know lots of foodies too! Thanks :))

    The piece of gold nugget is great if you like something different in taste. The fusion is great :) Try it and you will know what I mean. Make sure your shrimp paste are well seasoned and the shrimps should not be too finely minced. A bit courser would be better. Hope you will like it as much as I do :)

  5. Two of my favorite things wrapped in one. I never thought to combine the two. I'm so glad you tried them, they look delicious!

  6. Hi Reeni,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yup, the fusion is goes well with any dip sauce too. :)

  7. this looks mouth-watering, but not sure whether both will match...

  8. Josh,

    If you like something different this is it. The fusion is great! :)

  9. Hi!chanced upon your blog from happy home baker's. You have a delicious blog! This fried banana shrimp cake looks great, I can almost imagine how well it tastes.

  10. Hi bakeAstory :)

    Thanks for dropping by. Shrimp and banana gives you the feeling it may not match at first but I tell you the fusion is great...try it if you are the adventurous type....:) btw, you have a great blog too... You bake well and great in icing the cake..Well done! Will be following your blog from now. And btw congrats on the birth of Nathalie :)

  11. Dear Elin!
    I was going to tell you that the word verification does not appear on your Comment Box (probably depends on Internet Explorer), but when I searched you directly, it was ok!
    Just read your posting on double dough dry fruit dim sung!
    Very interesting! Very much of a East meets west Fusion idea!
    looking forward to reading you more!


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