Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yoghurt-y Buns Craze

Mmmmmmm….it’s goooood . The combination of flavor and texture is just amazing , a picture is worth a thousand words :) No doubt, this looks like a yoghurt-y fair. First, Yoghurt-y ice cream and now yoghurt-y buns....heehee simply becoz I bought a pack of 6 of this 135ml fruit flavored yoghurt. Don’t worry about the’s good for health ! Needless to say, I used them for making yoghurt-y buns for breakfast and supper… I baked them to feed my Piggies…freshly baked buns with a cuppa of hot drink , has now become the family’s supper snack. Thumbs up :) :)

I don’t think I will ever stop making this wonderfully, simple to make and delicious soft buns!

The best compliment I received last weekend and
it inspired me further in my bun making adventure

Piggy gal: Mom, wow ..your buns are getting better n better
It is so soft and fluffy.......yummy



  1. Mmm. . they sure look good. Anytime you need a taste tester, I'm more than willing. :)

  2. ambiguous wanderer: Thanks for dropping by. Heehee..guess my photography skill has improved lotz, since it can make those buns looks tempting to you (",) I count you in then, when I need a taste tester. :)

  3. so lovely and soft. My family loves buns as well. can u share the recipe. thanks

  4. hiya family loves these buns..are u able to share the recipe.
    my email
    thanks ..deeply appreciated

  5. hiya again ..sorry for the numerous comments..but are u able to share the recipe for the buns..cause i've come to yr blog everyday ..but there no reply..i'm not sure why?
    thanks again

  6. hiya again..sorry but still no reply from you. If u are not able to share that's ok but not having a reply from
    you ..i really don't know what's yr answer. Or is there a baking book i can buy or a link for the recipe.

  7. Hi Sue,

    O Gosh, I dun check old post comments so I have overlooked all your comments. So sorry...thousand apologies :))) I have replied to your msg and have sent the link to you.

    Enjoy your bun adventures!!



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