Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bun Crazed

Now , that I know how to make bread/buns , I am really smitten at the process and the results - kneading of soft dough, dough mysteriously growing to twice its size, the unbelievably wonderful smell as it bakes . The ghost of its scent lingers everywhere.

The kitchen smelling like a bakery, and, of course, eating warm, delicious, freshly baked bread , I told myself why buy bread ever again? Between work life and personal life, there is still time left over for bread life..ain’t I blessed (“,)

I baked these cutie buns for the 3rd time, I truly enjoyed kneading them and making them into little buns , this time it came out even more soft and fluffy and not burned. Guess, it is practice makes perfect :P

For now, breakfast is these cutie buns :) Took some for my good friend, Nan (heehee she is my tester to whatever I bake )

baked to a heavenly smelling and wonderfully behaved bun

the whole lot is eyes-rolling-backward-into-head good!

"My tongue is smiling."
~ Abigail Trillin~

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