Monday, June 30, 2008


Yay…the local durians are in season now. The King of all fruits….the strong aromatic fragrance of durians really give people the kicks…you either love it or hate it :) but as for my family ,WE absolutely , completely and utterly LOVE IT!!!!

I understand there won’t be a boom this season due to the raining season lately. So it will be pricey this season . Ernest brought over some for us last Friday …haha so kind of him (“,) So we had durians for supper. The flesh was thick and the taste was fantastic..bitterish sweet and I gave it a rating of 4.5/5.

I trained my Piggies to eat durians from young . Now, this fruit has become their favourite :) . It is rich in protein which is good for the brains . The younger generation should eat more and the older generation should reduce the intake. Haha…Daddy won’t like to hear this (“,) coz it is his favourite.

As for me, I will savour one fruit from each species , that’s it. I can control my diet…good citizen..can’t be bribed nor tempted *winks ** Health to me is important , so for my age , I have to take extra care in my diet.
nice golden color....bitterish sweet...YUMMZ

Some choose durians by looking at their thorns, some will shake the fruit to see if they are ripe enough and some will smell the end part of the durian to see if it is ripe. Haha...there are many ways to choose durians. But for me, I know nuts about it. I only know how to eat...I can't even open a durian...haha

this is another type... bitterish sweet too
but it has got oomph

The next round of durian feast, I will steal some to make durian ice-cream and durian cream puffs..........just the thought of it is enough to make me yearn for more durians (",)



  1. Wow, your durian pictures are making me drooooooooool!!! Can't get fresh durians here in Canada.

  2. Hi Hoi Yean,

    Thanks for dropping by. Now is the best time to visit Malaysia coz it is durian season :)

  3. DURIANS! haha ... so coincidence I had them during my erm, boot camp thingie ...
    so yellow flesh, so tempting ...
    throw caution to the wind once in a while is acceptable. indulge.

  4. j2kfm : Haha durian season ma:)))


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