Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Is In My Bento ?

This is what I prepared early in the morning for my lunch today. Easy to prepare and yummz :) I decided to bring my own lunch from home coz lately I seems to be having headaches after taking food from the office canteen. Some colleagues told me , it could be the ajinamoto added to the food that could be causing me the headache. Hmmmm..could be that or some spices that doesn’t agree with me.

Well, lunch today was good….the fish was just cooked , making the flesh smooth and sweet…haha I sliced up some cucumber and tomato as salad to go with the fish. The aromatic ‘sambal belacan’ or prawn paste with chillies really spiced up the whole dish Awww… after that , a cuppa of hot green tea to shimmy down…. so comforting to the almost bloated tummy (“,)

yummilious fried fish stuffed with 'sambal belacan'


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