Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Piggy Gal

I took a day off just to make this cake , in time for Piggy gal’s birthday. After the disastrous cake making adventure of mine , the night before , I finally managed to get this fruit flan ready for her birthday. Wheew… thank God it came out nice. Custard was good and the sponge base was soft and fluffy ( the other time it was compact ) Yup, practice makes perfect :)

Time flies, my baby gal is now two decades old….haha BUT no matter how old she may be, she will always be my big baby and she will have a big space in my heart. Momsie loves this Piggy gal very very much. She is not only my daughter but she is also my best friend and my confidante.

** We have telepathy minds , winks ** Her most famous line : "Eh, how you know wan ? " And I will always reply : " Don't think ...when I am around you "
Fruit Flan

I so love the colors of these fruits..... it adds sparks to my life
and speed the saliva glands into fast motion
the final product after hours of hard work
none can compared with the love put
into this cake
He has taken my place in her heart..... I hope she has a
space for me still in her heart ;) :) :)

Shout out to Piggy gal : I hope you had a wonderful birthday with us.
(all your loves one with you.) I sure do love having you back home
for your birthday!!!


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