Monday, June 23, 2008

Gloriously Soft & Fluffy Cream Cheese Buns

Each time I write about my bread making adventures, my heart flutters with excitement. Bear with me, its kinda cool to be able to make perfect buns without using a bread machine..okay, and witnessing the transformation from a shaggy mess to a smoother, elastic piece of perfection. It needs more perseverance and a lot more imagination – it’s not easy outsmarting bread dough .

Last Saturday nite, we had cream cheese buns( shaped them into small buns instead of making them into a loaf ) for supper ;) These buns were made by my nephew ( who has developed interest in baking under the influence of his ' fanatic bun making aunt' ). I guess he is good in making buns by now (“,)

Now, he can sit back, relax, and give himself 100% to experiencing this piece of magic that he created with his own hands. :) :) ;)

Cream Cheese Buns and Sweet Green Beans Soupy for a mid-nite feast….what say U? :) The taste of Sweet Green Beans Soupy is much more luxurious then its simplicity belies

Plain ,simple sweet Green Beans Soupy
comes with the fragrant smell of aromatic pandan
Mmmmm.....I took my first sip, and
let its delicious-ness shimmy down my throat

the rich golden browning
adds ooomph to the flavor of the buns

the gloriously soft and fluffy buns
leaves the maker contented :)



  1. when are you gonna make me my chocolate banana cake? :P

  2. when you come back with jie jie tis weekend , if you are good :) :)


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