Sunday, June 1, 2008

Apple Puffs

This Momsie is one of a kind , when lurking on people’s blog and upon seeing any recipes that takes her fancy she will not hesitate to explore and try her hands at it. And when she stumbles upon any food blogs which display nice pastries …. her mind will go into full gear. Ingredients will be noted down and studying the steps to prepare the pastries :)

**Her ‘moolahs’ are not spend on clothings but more on INGREDIENTS & BAKING UTENSILS!!!! She is easily tempted and gluttony is the most sinful trait to have in oneself…hahaha… but Momsie just can’t seem to get rid of them. **

Money cannot buy this AWESOME feeling of success in making puff pastries and to experience the deep satisfaction to have contributed something meaningful to my piggies’ bellies!!!

Pastries are artery clogging delicacies :) but to me as long as one does not eat to the point of reaching lipo-coma and fat over-dose , I think it is okay to indulge in pastries stuff . I agree with this “ Moderation is the key in life and living a healthy lifestyle is not about restriction , it's about balance and knowing how to make yourself happy ”. My Piggy boy used to tell me that…haha from a boy who has just reached 17th. Is he matured already ?? (“,)

Since I have so much time lately, I told Ernest, "let’s make puff pastries "and thus we ended up making Apple puffs for supper. Buying ready- to- use puff pastry doesn’t give me the satisfaction so we (Ernest and Momsie ) made our own puff pastry…lotz of work and time consuming no doubt, but worth the trouble when the buttery smell of the freshly baked pastries was enough to make one yearn for more. The pastry came out crisp and buttery. Mmmmmmm….it’s goooood . Making homemade pastry making can be intimidating to both the experienced and novice bakers .Flakiness is the chief attribute of well-made pastry . It's tricky to make, requires practice, precision and just the right touch. Over-stretching the dough will make the pastry shrink.

Verdict of the puff pastry we made : 80% well done. So we need to practice more and I am sure we can handle it. The folding and rolling and folding and rolling will make you think twice but when the result of nice buttery crispy flaks …you will be inspired to make more and I think I am already hooked to it….haha.

Can't wait for it to be baked....will it be flaky and crisp...yup it is!!!

Apple puff sitting on my new dish....nice ???

Btw, do you see the beautiful dish , the apple puff is sitting on , I just bought it last Friday . I bought it just for my photography hobby. (“,) Told you, this is where all my moolah goes :)))))


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