Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cutie Bear-Bear @ 6mths Old

Aihh….finally managed to steal a snap of this cutie pie of mine. Yeah..this is Bear-Bear at six months old. She just can’t sit still and she loves to sit under our dining table at every meal time…waiting for crumbs to drop off the table I guess. She is so adorable. At times , she will poke her head between Daddy's and Momsie’s chair to show her presence.

I truly thank God for her presence in the house coz the house will be too quiet without her antics and pranks. She brings Joy to us with her passionate nature. She hugs and kisses us when we come home from work…..even my piggies doesn’t hug and kiss us like she does….(“,) heehee

Whenever I sit on my green sofa, she will jump on my lap and position her butt nicely on my lap and then put her paws on my chest and reach out to kiss me all over my face like she has every right to do that. One day, I will video tape that act of hers and post up on my blog. Precious moments like that will be etched in my memory for ever .

my precious cutie pie..Bear-Bear
@ 6months old

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