Friday, September 2, 2011

Corn Soup - French Fridays With Dorie

I have never tried my hands at making creamy soup especially corn soup....I rather eat it roasted or steamed on a cob...but this Friday's chosen recipe is Corn Soup and I was contemplating whether to make this soup or not.  I would preferred it to be mushroom instead of corn BUT since I have never tried making homemade corn soup, I took up the challenge and I am glad that I tried it....a lovely comfort soup with a lovely subtle herbs fragrant in it.  Dorie has her way of making a simple soup taste good :) and I never regret buying her books !   Fridays are now french cooking for me anyway since I joined FFWD :p  

The herbs and spices used are rosemary, thymes ( I replaced with dried mixed herbs ) and bay leaf .    I wanted it more herb-y a bit thus I added a sprinkle of mixed herbs to the soup , of course this is not in Dorie's recipe. I made some wholemeal grains buns to go with this creamy corn soup.  For garnishing, I added fried bacon bits to it and some cooked corn kernels for texture.   It turned out to be a nice comfort meal for Wild boar and myself.  Dorie suggested creme fraiche for garnishing but I omitted that.  It would be splendid to have it with the soup but I was too lazy to go out and get some :p

besides the corn kernels, there are celery, red onions and  carrots

the rest of the ingredients are a tbsp of butter, garlic, ground white pepper,
sea salt  and whole milk ( I used low fat milk ) , 
bay leaf, rosemary, thymes ( I replaced with dried mixed herbs )

saute the onions when the butter melted till it glisten, then add
in the rosemary and bay leaf....add in the corn kernels and cut veggies 
and stir fried till soft....

add in 2 cups of water  and the milk ( cooked earlier with the cobs)
to the veggies and simmer till the corns and veggies are soft add 
salt and pepper to taste

remove the cobs and the rosemary and bay leaf and thymes
puree the mixture in a food processor or immersion blender
till smooth and creamy.....

served garnished with bacon bits and cooked corn kernels
or with a dollop of creme fraiche.....

I have made some wholemeal grains buns to eat with this 
delicious corn soup......

Thank you Dorie for this wonderful corn soup .
This recipe is from her lastest book ' Around My French Table '

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  1. Creamy corn soup. I like...even though some people call it baby food. LOL!!!

  2. Would love to try some homemade sweet corn soup too! Yours look really creamy and inviting. Btw, you've been tagged in the 7 links challenge. Hoep you'll join in the fun. Have a great day.

  3. Arthur...yea...this is good for the stomach :) baby food anot, it is nice :)

    Kristy...thanks, I will join in the fun :) you too have a nice day :)

  4. Elin - it looks so pretty in the heart shaped bowls.

  5. Love how bright and yellow your soup turned out in such a pretty heart-shaped bowl!

  6. I was already in awe of your photos, your soup and your heart shaped bowl and then I read you made the bread!!! Wow! Absolutely amazing!

  7. What lovely photos, I particularly like your bowl! Happy to hear that you enjoyed your first attempt at corn soup. That's what I enjoy about this project, trying new recipes.

  8. Your soup looks delicious! Your buns look good too LOL!

  9. Looks like your first attempt was successful! And tasty, too. :)

  10. Those heart bowls are too cute! Looks good, and I'm glad your first creamy soup was a success!

  11. I see I'm not the only to have fallen in love with your bowls!!n Those rolls look delicious, too!

  12. Very nice looking soup...looks creamy! Glad you enjoyed it! I though this one good but not great!

  13. Adore those cute little heart bowls filled with the corn soup. Great composition, and it really showed the beauty of the soup!

  14. Love your sweet heart dishes, they make this special soup look so appealing;-)

  15. It truly is comfort food...and I love the look of your yummy soup and garnish :)

  16. What a cute bowl. I really enjoyed this one. I will definitely be making it again. Those wholemeal rolls look fantastic.

  17. the wholegrain buns look wonderful as does your soup!

  18. The color is such a lovely yellow and looks so pretty in your bowl! I bet it was delicious with those whole grain buns. Great job!

  19. Beautiful bowl, photos, and your rolls look delicious especially with this soup. Enjoyed your post.

  20. Such a beautiful bowl and I love your soup. Great post.

  21. Your soup looks so delicious in that bowl. Your
    picture brings out the color so beautifully. Tricia
    and I both loved the recipe too, and we will be making
    this again very soon.

  22. Hi guys ( Doristas friends )
    Thanks for dropping by and all the encouragement from you guys is much appreciated. Thanks for leaving me lovely comments and I learned a lot from you guys too :) I am glad that I joined FFWD and get to cook along with you guys. Looking forward to the next recipe :)

    Have a nice day Doristas :)

  23. That soup bowl is so cute! I'm always so impressed with your bread, too. Your process photos are really great, too!


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