Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yellow Glutinous Rice With Dry Shrimps Curry

This is something I would love cooking for the family and yet not allowed to eat more that this portion :(  Yellow glutinous rice with my favorite dry shrimps curry !!! This rice reminds me of my childhood whereby an elderly lady would peddled on her bicycle and sell this rice wrapped in banana leaves to the neighborhood where I stayed. We have to be early or the rice would be sold out. I remembered my mom would wait outside the house very early in the morning before the sun is even up  to buy us this for our breakfast :)   Mom's love is the greatest in the world !  

I used to live in Teluk Intan, a town near the Perak River and during that time, this town was famous for its yellow rice with dry shrimps curry wrapped in banana leaves. And the shrimps were large ones  too !  And today, I try to replicate the same rice with the dry shrimps curry and I am pleased with the result :)  but  then I am still not happy BECOZ'  I am not allowed to eat more than this small portion !!!  That is very  frustrating isn't it ?  :(

Yellow Glutinous Rice  - taken from Sonia 

500g glutinous rice
100g rice
1tbsp turmeric powder
1 pc tamarind peel (asam keping)
1tsp salt or to taste
250ml coconut milk

1. Soak rice in just enough water to cover, along with turmeric powder and tamarind peel for 4hours.
2. Drain and rinse once.
3. Steam the rice over high heat for about 30mins (without adding water).
4. Stir salt till dissolved in coconut water, and add to the just cooked rice, mix and stir well.
5. Steam the rice again over high heat for another 10mins. 

Dry Shrimps Curry 


½ kg medium sized shrimps – cleaned it and leave the shell on
½ cup of fresh curry paste – from the wet market
½ cup of pounded shallots
a few sprigs of curry leaves
2 stalks of lemongrass – lightly crushed
1 cup coconut milk
¼ cup oil


Heat up oil in a wok, add in all the ingredients above except the coconut milk and the shrimps. Continue to stir fry the ingredients under small flame till the oil separates and surfaces. Slowly add in the coconut milk and keep stirring and cook till the fragrance of the curry paste has been released. Add in the shrimps and cook till the gravy has thickened and the shrimps is coated with the curry paste. Dish up and serve hot with rice.

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  1. Hmmm.... love the prawn curry.
    Looks so yummy.

  2. This is a perfect combo! i feel hungry now, hehehe!

  3. Elin, you are making me very hungry early in the morning. My mom will cook this type of pulut kuning on special occasion only to eat with chicken curry. mmmm dry shrimps curry sounds better.

  4. wonder your result so nice.. hahaha... such delicious meal.. how to resist!

  5. Yummy! I love this one too, but can't have too much, very fattening :)

  6. oh elin, how i love this dish..i must learn how to cook this glutinuous rice first. salivating already looking at the curry prawn!!

  7. the nasi kunyit i know how to make...its the ayam and the shrimp aje make me pening

  8. Hi Elin, Wow the rice and shrimp have made my mouth water. How lucky for you and what a wonderful mother you had. I need to make your recipes very soon, I know hubby would love it.

  9. Your shrimp curry looks insanely good!

  10. Hi, my hubby also fr Teluk Intan, whenever we go back for a visit, we sure will eat the glutinous rice with the dried shrimp curry,and also the famous Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun, the seafood, and the list seems endless, haha.

  11. Wendy...yea :)

    Sonia...thanks for your yellow glutinous rice recipe :) love it !

    Gertrude....I am guilty again for making you hungry..yea..dry shrimps curry is great for nasi kunyit :)

    Claire...yea this is where my cholesterol comes from :p

    Min...yea..that is the most frustrating thing...good food always fattening ! :(

    Lena...yea, I have yet to master it..practice makes perfect I guess :)

    Swee San....hahaha yea drooling ya :)

    Kathy...hahaha I bought the fresh curry paste from the wet market...just tell them you want to make dry to stay in Ipoh...migrate la to Ipoh :)

    Nancy...thanks for dropping by...glad that you are now surfing again and I look forward to the next YBR round up :) Do try this out...I am sure your hubby will love this ! :)

    Yummychunklet...yea , it is insanely good and frustrating too...I am only allowed a small portion ! :(

    BGC...yea...haha finger licking good when it comes to the dry curry :)

    Sem.....gosh your hubby from TA too...lots of fond memories when food is concerned. Love their famous ' chee cheong fun ' Every ' Cheng Beng ', my bros will tapau the glutinous rice and chee cheong fun back for me :))))

  12. Beautiful! I can't eat the shrimp or the curry...but the rice is such a lovely color and looks delicious!

  13. Ann...:) yea I know you can't eat the shrimp and curry but the rice can go with the chinese bbq pork ( char siew )

  14. Oh wow this sounds delicious! And for breakfast? What could be better?! =)

  15. Piggy....yea for breakfast! Hot and spicy...that is what I called a good breakfast :)

  16. Elin, I have to agree with Sonia. What a terrific combo and bigger portion to serve all. haha.... I can wallop 2 portions. So, you need bigger rice pot to prepare this.
    Hope you're enjoying your day. It's sugar high Friday!

  17. Kristy....hahaha yea...need a bigger pot to serve you :) You too have a nice day :)

  18. Drooling drooling....I can eat triple that amount! Easy! Oh I empathizes you Elin! Anyway, looks super yum! Will try it! Thanks yah! Btw, Happy Mid Autmum Festival to you & your piggies! 

  19. Bee Bee ...same to you too..have a joyous one too with your family :)

  20. What a lovely post, it is always an adventure to try to recreate food which reminds us of our childhoods. Somehow it never comes out quite the same, but can be good anyway. Your shrimp and rice look absolutely delicious!

  21. Aha!!! THIS, I like!!! Sluirpssss!!!!

  22. That rice is beautitul! I could see why it would sell out and why your mom would be up early for it!

  23. alamak, why do I have to read your blog at this hour?! Your nasi kunyit and prawn curry look absolutely delicious!!!

  24. Hi Elin, I stopped by to say Thanks for participating in September's YBR :) Sorry I'm so late in getting here.


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