Monday, September 19, 2011

Bento Banter - Bento # 2

Made some tuna sandwiches for breakfast and packed them into bento box and gosh was a cheerful breakfast :) with a  bear face smiling at me as I tucked in the tuna sandwiches.  Bento meal can be fun and at the same time nutritious. Since joining bento banter, I am now beginning to like meals packed in bentos. Fun packing them, one tends to make it more a simple hard boiled egg can be shaped into cute smiling bear face, star shape, love shape, little car and smiling bunny face.  I have a set of egg molds and love each and every one of them.  Happy that I can use them for making my lunch and breakfast bento more cheerful :) and guess what, I have added a new toy - a sandwich sealer to my kitchen assessories collection ( I think that is what it is called - helps seal the edges )  I know for sure I am going to have lots of fun  making my bento meals from now on :) And those cute octopus - haha too cute to even eat them :p

Tuna sandwiches can be delicious if you spice it up with some crushed toasted sesame seeds and chopped celery and chillies with a spoonful of japanese mayo.  That was how I make the tuna fillings....mmmm yummy and I want more.  Seriously, this is what my breakfast should be instead of just taking oats every morning.  I want something more delicious than just plain oats.  I think I will alternately have oats and sandwiches for breakfast :)

Ingredients :  a tin of tuna flakes in brine - drain off brine, chopped celery, 
chopped chillies, crushed toasted sesame seeds and japanese mayo
mixed together 

salad - carrots, celery, japanese cucumber, cherry tomato
and dried apricot - diced into small bite size mixed with
herbs infused olive oil and toasted sesame seeds as garnishing

this is my new helps seal the edges of the sandwiches :)
dual can make triangle ones too 
with this cute sandwich sealer :)

my egg mold....cute bear face

I have to pamper myself something nice and cheerful
once in a while instead of having oats drinks every morning

Have a great day....hope this bento set will cheer you up
and blow away your Monday blues :)

Thank you for all your support ...your continuous support has
make blogging fun and interesting for me.
A big hug to all  :)

*            *           *


  1. Very cute bento. Hope to start mine soon :D

  2. cute and colourful!

    Now i am in guilt, i have neglect my bento tools for so long!

  3. My daughter will go crazy with this...:) I can only show her when I make this or else she'll keep asking everyday..@@

  4. What a cute, delicious, and healthy bento! I must bring out my sandwich sealer. Sealing the sandwiches is a great idea! Yes, bento packing can be fun :)

  5. Elin, I love your bento! Especially that cute little bear. I've a sandwich sealer also, but it's a bit different with yours, mine can only be used to cut into square sandwich :)

  6. I'm your newest follower from FB Bento Banter! I'm loving all the creative bento boxes I'm seeing on this great site! Pampering yourself with such a yummy breakfast is s very good thing!

  7. Oh wow what a beautiful and fun bento! I want these kits!

  8. Kathy...make bento for Joshua...he will love eating food from bento esp with cute cute bear egg and the sausage octopus :) It will fun for him and for you :)

    Anncoo...looking forward to seing yours :)

    Annie Q...once you started , you won't stop making fun actually. I enjoy my food more and creative bentos taxes the brains...a good exercise for the brains:)

    Reese..hahaha I guess so, but it is fun really to pack food in will love the cute cute octopus and the shaped egg :)

    Biren...yea, I love the sandwich sealer :) and the fillings will not fall out :)

    Min...haha me too...too cute to eat it. It cheers my Monday morning :))

    Rebecka...thanks, I shall be following your blog too. Thanks for dropping by :)

    BEth... thanks for dropping by :)

    Tes...every one would love this sandwich sealer...I love mine to bits :)

  9. never knew the existence of a sandwich sealer! not bad! the bear is also smiling at me!! those octupus are so cute..oh elin, you're one cute momsie!!

  10. awesome! love it. what are the octopus? hot dogs?

  11. Lena....yea, it is also my first time seeing this sandwich sealer but it good for your kids taking bento to school. You can seal it in triangle shape and the fillings will not fall off. I bought it from 100yen shop :)

    Brad...yea cocktail sausage, cut into two. Then cut the ends up to the middle of each sausage and when you put them into hot oil, they will open up like the octopus :)

  12. The sandwich sealer is new to me. Your bento box is so cute, no need to eat, just admire all the goodies.

  13. Christine....yea ...bento makes eating fun too :)

    Cheah...yea new to me too..but useful..seal the edges so that the filling won't drop fall :)

  14. I love bento boxes and yours look truly tempting! Loved your blog!!

  15. Purabi naha....thanks for dropping by :) Glad you loved it ! :) Welcome again !

  16. What a GREAT lunch! It's amazing how cute that is with a little bit of effort! This is a really GREAT series!

  17. Cute! I like the sandwhich sealer, it looks good cut in half like that. I need to find one of those.

  18. I'm a 23 y/o Degree student and am going back to KL for my new semester. Have been contemplating to make my own Bento and discovered your blog through Biren @ Roti n Rice. You both are simply brilliant.
    Do you mind telling me where I can get all these Bento boxes, Onigiri molds and your kawaii bento accessories in KL?


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