Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bento Banter - Breakfast Bento # 4

I have been stuffing myself with some artery clogging deliciousness lately while I was in KL  and now it is time to tone down a bit and eat something light and easy :)  Something light like sandwiches would be great and having bought myself a sandwich sealer , my new toy, I would of course want to play with it more often :p Seriously , this sandwich sealer is a great thing to have when making sandwiches. It helps keep the fillings from dropping off. Great gadget to have for sandwiches lover :)

This is a simple and easy to whip up egg sandwiches.  The ingredients for this filling are two hard boiled eggs, mashed coursely,  finely diced japanese cucumber , a tsp of  freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of salt to taste - mixed together with a dollop of japanese mayo and there you are, in just a few mins , you are ready to have the most delicious egg sandwiches for your breakfast or lunch.  I sealed the edges with my sandwich sealer/press and packed them into my bento , threw in a few cherry tomatoes and there I have my breakfast done.   I made one set for Claire too.  I am her ' chef ' for free and ahem, ahem ... she is my ' chauffeur ' for free !    LOL!

I love this sandwich sealer/ press so much that I have
been making sandwiches for my breakfast - an excuse
to play with this new  toy of mine :)

this is a hearty meal to have.....
and finished the meal with some
juicy cherry tomatoes  :) yum yum

Have a great bento day :)

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  1. Gosh.. posting this up makes me so hungry now.. how come today no bento set delivered?? sigh.. guess i have to make oats instead...

  2. I bought the same sandwich sealer too a few days ago! Have yet to use it though, hehe. Getting myself ready for my little girl's back to school bento next year. ( Primary One ) ><

  3. Love your egg sandwiches.

    I love this bread sealer too, i use a lot for my boys breakfast, easy and neat.

  4. i just saw claire's copycat version of your bento..she so funnylah!!

  5. I have never had egg sandwiches before...can you believe that? They look light and so delish!

  6. I'm loving this whole bento series...I don't have a sandwich sealer, but pressing in a panini pan has a similar effect.

  7. Caroliegrant...this is so easy to make and it is healthy will put away your oat drink for this :))

    Belly Good will love it. It will keep your fillings in place :)

    Annie Q...thanks for dropping by and yea this sandwich sealer is great..I love it !

    Lena...haha she is cute too :) must try it then :) light and delish..yea that's rightly worded :)

    Cucina 49...yea me bento series makes us want to make look good and tasty :)

  8. That's a great bento...and a perfect way to eat an egg salad sandwich, it won't all slip out when you take a bite! :O Oh that would be good when you put avocadoes on your sandwich too! :)

  9. That's a lovely bento and I like your sandwich sealer. It is so handy! Glad you are having fun with it. Also thanks for posting it to Bento Banter :)


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