Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bento Banter - Bento # 3

This is something light and easy for me. A lunch meal that is not too filling and yet satisfying.  I like bento meal because I can just use whatever is left in the fridge and turn them into something delicious, fast and no fuss and take to office.  Nothing beats homecooked food.  Whipping out something nice is not hard for me for I have almost everything in the fridge except fresh fruits :p I have two refrigerators at home. One old fridge which I inherited from my dear beloved mom, for my cooking ingredients and my dog food :p and the other one is for the family 's ration LOL!

I have some inari for making inarizushi ( fried tofu bean skin that is cooked in sweet soy sauce based sauce , drained then stuffed with sushi rice )  in the fridge. I cooked some rice in the morning for WB and I mixed them with some tuna flakes and nori flakes and stuffed them into the inari.  Two in one, I have onigiri  in inari.  I  deep fried some fresh oyster mushrooms with potato starch in a small pot ( of course by the time I eat them they turn soft but nonetheless it was nice and made some wasabi to go with them......YUMMY and end the meal with one big juicy black plum !

Deep fried fresh oyster mushrooms with potato starch
season potato starch with sea salt :p

I planted some cherry tomatoes
on my onigiri rice :p cute !

this is normal rice that I used for the onigiri
can't take sushi rice all the time...

I love this stem picks for putting up my cherry tomato
so cute....looking for more cute Daiso

Yay ! I am on 2 days leave.....
I am away in KL today and I shall be spending some 
time with my Piggies in KL  

Have a nice  bento  day !

*            *           *


  1. This is adorable. I sure wish I had known about bentos when my kids were younger. So creative.

  2. Another delicious bento! I have 2 packs of age for inarizushi but just haven;t gotten round to making it yet. Will have to do so soon. Have a lovely time with your piggies in KL :)

  3. can see that you're having bento fever now...enjoy yourself!

  4. Bento everyday? Please pass me some ideas how to create cute bentos :DD

  5. I want those mushrooms! Gorgeous photos.

  6. Momsie, you're very good at handwork and very creative. Looks yummy! Have posted a cranberry walnut loaf adapted from your post.


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