Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chill Out With Piggy Jo @ Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley, KL

I was away the last few days, visiting  Piggy Jo ,and besides chilling out with her, I was there to help her shift from her present pigsty to another new sty nearer to her campus.  A family home is better than staying with the rest of the students - reason was during the summer break , she was  pretty much on her own and the place is so quiet and not SAFE at all for her.  Basically the former place housed mostly  international students and summer break is 4 mths - imagine how worried I was during summer time.  I am so glad that she managed to find a nice home , staying with family is so much better. She has a room with bathroom attached and with air con provided  for RM550 a month.  Thus, I was away for a few days...to help her move her stuff to the new home :)  

And besides that, we had a wonderful time chilling out at Mid-Valley... what do you expect of these Piggies?shop shop shop ,slurp slurp slurp and oink oink oink away........had wanted to go to the Curve, but she said she does not know the way home...funny thing is she knows the way there but fogot how to take the road back :(  she said she will have to get a GPS soon....maybe I should give one to her this coming Xmas !  :p   We ate at Pasta Zanmai and the meal was GREAT...simply delicious !!!  Come take a look at what the Piggies ordered for lunch at Pasta Zanmai.   The two Piggies had their stomach filled to the brim.................... LOL!

Jo ordered  two set meals ...their sets are not bad and cheap too.  A set costs ( Ringgit Malaysia ) RM23.00.  We ordered a japanese salad that consists of crab meat, avocado and tobiko ( flying fish roe )  comes with sesame seed sauce dressing  (  this is yummy..it goes well with the salad )

crab meat, avocado salad - RM18.00

this sesame seed sauce dressing is
for the crab meat avocado salad

my set  meal  consists of pasta with lots of
crab meat and avocado  and 
coated with  sesame seed sauce , 
omurice rice topped with grilled unagi...lovely !!!
 and a bowl of  miso soup  - RM23.00

I enjoyed this very much...I shall look for the sesame sauce
and I can make this myself :))))

omurice rice - japanese fried rice wrapped in omelet
with the tasty grilled unagi

love the rice.....tasty :)

miso soup to complete the meal .......

this is Jo's  set meal....pasta with grilled chicken with a runny egg
She loves the runny egg.....coated onto the pasta...you should see how 
to slurp them : )

her set comes with japanese pizza a scallop pizza....
with fresh mushroom slices and fresh scallops...lots of them too...yummy !  

tortilla crust base....light and yummy !

 cucumber, orange and mint drink... RM 18.00
just nice for us... for the weather was hot and humid...
this is to cool down the body heat....after that scrumptious meal  :)
See how happy and contented this little Piggy was :)

" Mommie...I want dessert !!! "  
my eyes were rolling back...calories calories ringing in my head

this meal was RM95 plus service tax and govt tax........
for two person......

I will come here again to try out their other dishes :)

*              *             *


  1. Jo looks lovely with the new hair style

  2. It is nice to meet Jo! You sure had a lot of food there. That's why I don't do very well reviewing restaurants, I don't order enough food. I need to find someone to pay me hehe! The noodles you had look so good, and I can't wait to see your made at home sesame sauce...sounds yummy! :)

  3. yeah, hungry liao now looking at the grilled chicken and pizza! yeah, it's really worrying knowing that she alone in the house, especially at night. She looks pretty..

  4. Looks like you gals had a great time...great looking food, I am sure my boys won't mind eating there, only the bill won't be RM95 if I were to take them there!:S

  5. What a fabulous time you ladies had! With a bunch of delicious food, i'm sure you had a wonderful time =]
    That sesame seed dressing looks so delicious!!

  6. Oh delicious....now I'm hungry!

  7. Elin, whoa another enjoying moment with Jo. Btw, Jo looks like putting on a little weight. Does she?

  8. Kathy...haha she looks like a 16 yrs old kid :p

    Lyndsey...hopefully, I get the recipe and make it :) and btw , will be sending the sandwich sealer to you soon. Just have to mail it to you :)

    Lena...and you have two to worry...hahaha yea having daughters is worrisome nowadays :) that pizza is really good...crispy tortilas base and with those fresh scallops on it yum yum. I shall replicate them soon :)

    Jeannie...yea..guys eat more but worth it, the food there is not bad :)

    Juju...yea we had a wonderful bonding time together. Yea I want to make the sauce from home. I am looking for the recipe to make the sauce myself. Seen somewhere but cant remember where :)

    Ann..hahaha I managed to make you hungry :)

    Kristy...yea..looks like she has put on a bit of weight or it is the hair style that makes her looks rounder :p


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