Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pickled Salmon In Homemade Wholemeal Bun

I made a hearty breakfast using Dorie's Salmon In A Jar. I used up the last batch of my 2nd jar :) but will be making another jar soon :p  It is so convenient to have a bottle in the fridge. It is easy to make pickled salmon. You can refer  here for the recipe if you are interested to make some for yourself.  You can add them to your pasta, pizza and rice or sandwiches/bun .  I am excited to share with you this simple pickled salmon filling for your buns. This is good for busy working momsies and single person :)  Healthy and less washing to do ! :p

I diced the pickled salmon into small bite size and mix them with some french djion mustard , homegrown dill , sun dried tomato , ground black pepper and the olive oil from the pickle salmon.   Wow...I tell you this is great as a sandwiches filling and add some pickled dill to your sandwiches....my goodness, it was such a hearty meal that I want to make more of this pickled salmon :)  I have to thank Dorie for this wonderful salmon in a jar and since making them I have been hooked to it ! 

Ingredients for making this delicious salmon fillings are :- diced pickled salmon, diced sun dried tomatoes, french djion mustard , chopped dill and some freshly ground black pepper....just mix them well and you are ready for some mouth-watering sandwiches/buns.  It is mmmmm and yummmmm for me  LOL!

the dills add extra flavor to the salmon mixture

this is a good sandwich filling, flavorful and healthy too

and add in some pickled dill or gherkins....gosh
this is a healthy breakfast and I want more :p

 ' ces't délicieux '

(french word for yummy )


bonne journée 

(french word for have a nice day)

^ ________ *

*             *           *


  1. homemade wholemeal burger sound so healthy and good! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm allergic to salmon, but that sounds SO good! I love that your serve it on a homemade bun - as the beautiful salmon deserves!

  3. Pickled salmon sounds good to me! Frankly, I hated raw meat but yours look pretty tempting indeed. haha....

  4. wow elin, this burger looks scrumptious enough!!! you raelly have good ideas, are you still considering opening a cafe??

  5. I love how you integrated several of Dorie's recipes into one dish. It looks delicious!

  6. Sonia...yea homemade burger buns are much much nicer and healthier :)

    Ann...yea, I know you are allergic to seafood..sorry about that , hope I can make something that you can eat in my next post :)

    Kristy...yea pickled ones are nice and tasty...infused with the herbed oil..gosh it is something I will want to make again :) esp you know salmon is my fav fish !

    Lena...hahaha ROFL, nope, no one will patronize my cafe :p

    Elaine....I love everything from Dorie's books and using them to make into another new dish is great ! :)) Simple adore Dorie !

  7. How fun that you are finding other ways to use up that salmon :-)

  8. Cher...yea it is fun using this salmon in a jar in other preparations :) And this is so good in sandwiches and as filling for buns :)


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