Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bento Banter - Bento # 1

I love bento lunch boxes of different designs and shapes and I like anything  Japanese ....small portion of food packed  in a bento box...how nice...it helps to reduce my food intake by half and it keeps me happy when the food comes small and dainty :)  Not necessary it must be Japanese food but bento comes originally from the Japanese .  I packed mine here for the Bento Banter and I have to thank Biren of  Roti And Rice who is kind to invite me to join the Bento Banter group.

So here is my first bento lunch pack  I am sharing with all of you.  Bento food somehow taste better psychologically.....agree with me?  This bento box is quite cute , though it is meant for kiddies but I like the two tiers....just what I wanted so I carted it back :)  the right size for my lunch...have to control my diet...the doctor said I have gained 4 kg and have to do something about it.   Eat less fatty stuff and exercise more but looking at the food packed here, I doubt I will be able to shed off some fat :p  

Have to prepare a list of healthy stuff for my next take to office bento :)  fruits and salad would be great LOL! I sprinkled some seaweed on my white rice and top with carrot flower to make it more appetizing :)  Wow...how a simple sprinkle of nori flakes could make plain rice looks appealing :)  

Top tier  :- plain rice with nori flakes and decorated with two carrot flowers :)

Bottom Tier :- 
Homemade tofu 
Spinach egg roll 
Pan fried teriyaki chicken slices

It is fun preparing your own lunch and packed them 
in bento box...have a get more bento boxes when
I next visit a Japanese shop....Daiso maybe !

love this bento lunch box..suitable for
kiddies but also good for me....I smile each time
I look at it....not just the cheerful cute animal cartoons
but the food inside cheers me up....
food served in small portion and decorated....
love it and I shall make more bento lunches
in future.....................................

Have a wonderful Bento Day :)

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  1. Can show me the nori flakes packaging? cos i cant seem to find them.

  2. Alice...thanks :)

    Little Lamb...sure..I will take a picture of the brand tonite and show you :)

  3. Elin, I am so malu to tell you that I've never make a bento before. haha... Wish I can have yours!*wink*
    Have a lovely evening.

  4. Nice bento :) The lazy bug still in me, hope to make one soon :)

  5. Wow, no need to go out in the hot sun for your lunch. Eat this in the comfort of your office. I've never made a bento before .... so Kristy has company!

  6. Wow...what a yummy looking bento! You are so right about how just a little sprinkle of seaweed and some carrot flowers can make the rice look so appetizing! You even made your own tofu! I would love to have your bento any day instead of going out for some hawker fare. Thank you so much for linking to me and Bento Banter. Looking forward to seeing your post there :)

  7. i only know how to admire looking at bentos..**sigh**

  8. Hey Elin, pleasure to meet u here. Thks for your 'like' in Biren's Bento Banter! I'm glad we share common interest in bento making :)

    Your bento looks lovely. I like the spinach in the tamago. I used to make them too. It's so healthy!

    Well, I'm following u now & hope u'll do the same. Looking fwd to more sharing, not just on our cooking :)

  9. I think your dosirak (Korean version of bento) is very beautiful. ; )

  10. What a yummy lunch! I love how beautiful every component is~

  11. What a cute and delicious looking lunch!

  12. Wow..Elin, you're into bento too. Good good. Another website that i can "curi idea" from . :D:D

    First time here to comment, i am your silent reader, always like to read your yummylicious cooking.

  13. I LOVE Bento Boxes! I've been looking for pretty wooden ones forever, but they are HARD to find!

  14. Kristy...this is my second time actually...hahaha of course...you can have mine :) so when are you dropping by Ipoh when you visit Penang? I hope we can meet up one day together with Claire and Cheah and Lena :)

    Anncoo...I look forward to see your bento :) take your time and when you are geared, I am sure it will be good :)

    Cheah...yup...but not all the time bento ma so still go out to eat...all the Ipoh food waiting for us :)

    Biren...thanks for your invite and I am having fun going back to bento food again :)

    Lena..you can make bentos for your girls , starting with sandwiches..with cute little faces :) I am sure they will be thrill to bits :)

    Big Bear Wife...thanks for dropping by :)

    Blackswan..thanks for adding me to your bloglist and I shall be following you too:) zLooking forward to more sharing with you besides just cooking :)

    Tamar...thanks, korean bento haha and I thought it was japanese bento :)

    Lizzy...thank you :)

    Yummychunklet...yea..it is so cheerful and the colors make me want to eat more :)

    Annie Q...thanks for always dropping by to read my humble posts :) I am glad you like reading my posts. Do leave me comments, I love them all...encouragement for me :)

    Ann...yea..me too looking for those authentic ones but I can hardly find one here. :(

    Angie...haha thanks...I am like a child again...bentos boxes with cute cartoons are meant for kids :p and I am the big kid :p

  15. Aww I love your BEnto box! looks super healthy and tasty!

  16. TheHealthyApron...thanks for dropping by to peek at the bento I have prepared :)

  17. Thanks Elin. Can you teach me how to make spinach egg roll too?

    I guess for the Nori Flakes I need to visit Jusco to find them. I tried 100yen, Daiso, Cold Storage, Carrefour..takda...

  18. Hi Little Lamb,

    I bought mine from 100yen. Any Japanese store should have. Maybe out of stock. Regarding the spinach egg roll, you can watch the youtube, whereby this lady will teach you the step...just continue to watch it till the end. Here is the link


    If you still can't get the nori flakes , let me know. I can try get it for you and send to you.


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