Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Venison Stew With A Twist

I have 1/2 kg of venison in the freezer and not knowing what to do with it, I asked the Wild Boar how he would like it cooked. He is the meat eater, of course I will have to consult him or else I have to eat all the venison myself :p  The 1/2 kg comprises of ribs and other cuts so not much choice, he told me to stew it with dried italian herbs and requested for more potatoes and carrots. He is the conductor and I am the musician :p   Who cares as long as the  piece  stew turns out great * wink

Well...it turned out flavorful and delicious.  A great stew for my homemade potato and rosemary bread ...awwww Wild Boar can be a good conductor after all ....so he can take over the symphony while I take a rest .  Bread dip in this flavorful venison stew...mmmmm two words...heavenly delicious... the meat was .tender and juicy meat and the gravy bursting with flavors.  Fusion makes it delicious. Italian herbs and Asian sauces goes well for this stew.

A combination of oyster sauce, tomato ketchup, chilli sauce , garlic , ground black pepper and italian herbs are the secret ingredients that make this stew flavorful.  I can't remember the exact amount of each ingredients .....first I sauteed the crushed garlics with a tbsp of olive oil till fragrant, add in the venison and stir fry for 10 mins, then the conductor add in the oyster sauce, tomato ketchup , chilli sauce , black pepper and italian herbs and continue to stir fry for another  5 mins.  Add in enough water to cover the venison and simmer under medium low heat till the venison is soft and tender.  Add in the cooked potatoes and carrot 1/2 hour before the stew is ready for serving . Add in the thickening last and salt to taste.  Served with rice or bread.

have a nice day !


  1. skip the venison for me and looking at the gravy, it's delicious and must be so flavourful! now i'm hopping over to see your rosemary bread.

  2. yum! I live on a small island being over run with fallow deer (no natural predators)...this looks like a much better way to enjoy venison instead of watching them eat my whole garden! Is that mean? Theresa

  3. The sauce looks so rich and delicious!

  4. Drooling! This looks really really good... Hmmmm! Must go and see if there's any venison or not. May try this over the weekend.

  5. Lena....:) it is flavorful :)

    Safire...:) Yes it is

    Island Vittles...then they most probably be pets than for consumption :p

    Ann...yes it is :)

    Arthur....you must...dip bread into the sauce...yummy !


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