Friday, April 1, 2011

Noodles In Kimchi Soup

After the homemade kimchi were ready for consuming, I knew I had to make this for my dinner.  I told WB that I am making kimchi soup and I will have noodles instead of rice.  My homemade kimchi turned out great and thus the soup was wonderful with tofu and crabstick added to it. I made it soup texture thicker than usual ..mmmm it was yummy.  And it was pungent enough to give you the oomph and after finishing the whole bowl of noodles plus the ears were tingling and nose was...OMG it was like having a bad cold :p but whatever , I slurped down the last drop of soup LOL!

This is one way of cooking with kimchi....make a soup of of it can add in seafood but I prefer to stick to the basic. Just add crabstick and tofu.  Cooked a packet of dried noodles and pour in the kimchi soup and tada...I feel like I am living in a korean household :p  Nothing beats making your own kimchi . I made salad with them and the next round ...kimchi  fried rice with seafood !!! stay tuned.

Look at the color of the kimchi soup...
the pungent-ness will make you cry but no matter how pungent hot it is 
everydrop of the soup was slurped down together with the noodles ....
slurpy good !

love every morsel of the noodles which was 
coated with the thick kimchi soup

Enjoy !
Hope this will moot you try making your own Kimchi :)

*           *          *


  1. Looks so yummy! Can't wait for your kimchi fried rice - my fav!

  2. That looks for sure very appetizing!

  3. oh elin, if you're making this to sell, i'm sure there's alot of people queing up for this..simply best!!

  4. This just looks absolutely fantastic !! I want to make this too. Perhaps at the next house cook out :p It's my turn ... hahaha

  5. Ann....stay tuned coming soon :)

    Angie....haha too bad your stomach cant take it or I shall share with you some :p

    Lena....great idea...shall ponder on it :)

    Jo...have you opened it and eaten the one I bought for you :) Make fried rice coz if you make this...the packet may not be enuf :p


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