Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kimchi Salad

Kimchi Salad !!! and this was what I did with the kimchi I made , besides using them for fried rice.  Kimchi is a wonderful condiment for asian meals , expecially this is a must have with the Koreans. Of course they are many who do like the aroma of this preserverd Napa cabbage but I am glad that Piggy Jo and myself heart Kimchi especially homemade ones.  It is much cheaper to make your own then buying them off the shelf.  This is one thing I have to teach Jo how to make them since she loves kimchi.  With this kimchi you can whip out many dishes with it and I tell you this is one appetizing kimchi salad that I love. It goes well with fried chicken of any kind :)  Read on to if you love kimchi, if not just skip this post :p

What I did was to add soft tofu and crab filaments to it and tada , an easy to whip up and delicious kimchi salad to go with the ' Popeye Fried Chciken ' that we bought back from KL on our trip to meet up with Jo in KL :p  Miss Jo and Josh muchie so have to travel to meet these two busy people . If Mohamed cannot go to the mountain, let the mountain go to Mohamed as the saying goes !  * wink . We bought some back for dinner the next day . I made walnut bread to go with these fried chicken and it was one yummy dinner !

This is what we had for our dinner, the scones and the fried chicken are from ' Popeye ' . The almond and cranberry bread and the kimchi salad are homemade this combination for our dinner.  I served  corn carrot tofu soup to go with this dinner set :)

Enjoy and have a blessed day !

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